SatAngels KeyUpdater Coolstream 1.4


Vers. 1.4

Online Update der satellites.xml
by Reinh@rd eingefügt

Vers. 1.3

First release as plugin

- preview for changes in the files
- RB-Keyfiles
- Minicat's KeyBundle
- Online PluginUpdate

English v1.4:
How to

following items are available:

- Preview - preview look, from when the keys are on the server :-)
- Previes - see changes in Reinh@rd's satellites.xml
- Individual KeyUpdates Mgcamd-CCcam und SoftCam
- Individual KeyUpdates Minicat Mgcamd GBox
- Online update satellites.xml by Reinh@rd
- Online PluginUpdate
- Uninstall Plugin

1. Possibility
Copy SatAngels_KeyUpdater_Coolstream_1.4.tar.gz to /tmp,
log in via telnet to the box,
change with "cd /tmp to the folder and tipe (without "")
"tar -xzvf SatAngels_KeyUpdater_Coolstream_1.4.tar.gz -C /" an press enter
run "Reload plugins" in Main Menu -> Service

2. Possibility
Unpack SatAngels_KeyUpdater_Coolstream_1.4.tar.gz to a local folder
copy all to specified directories to the box.
CHMOD 755 all files in /var/scripte/
and CHMOD all files in the folder "script" to 755
/bin/saupdater and /bin/msgbox CHMOD 755
/lib/tuxbox/plugins/ CHMOD 755
run "Reload plugins" in Main Menu -> Service

3. Possibility
Anyone who has the pre-release version on its box, has just to
run the Menu item "Update Plugin" in the updater.
run "Reload plugins" in Main Menu -> Service

To use the plugin:
"blue button" -> SA KeyUpdater Coolstream 1.4

To uninstall the plugin:
1. run the menu option "Uninstall Plugin"
run "Reload plugins" in Main Menu -> Service

have fun
SatAngels Team