HOW PrismCube configuration page in the window. to select "VIDEO"

(1} also works for other menu), and then "Files"

2} In the "File" menu , you will see the folders on your field , you can add thumbnails to folders , or your own page that has been done alone, or on one of the Internet.


3} Select the folder in which you want to add a thumbnail , and then press the "i" button on the remote control , the next menu and choose " Select the thumbnail "


4} Select the icon you want to add to the folders


[/IMG] icons that are 512x512 32bit and they work well .

5} When you finish your menu will look like this :



6} Now , if you look at the menu , you can see that it looks a lot better with their own icons.

7.jpg [IMG]

[/IMG] 8.jpg
Much nicer than this :