tested on Windows, Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu. It seems most stable on XMBC Ubuntu installs

first you need to install XBMC on your device (12.xx frodo needed as has Live TV and works stable)

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Once it is installed, and connected to the network (this can be verified in the settings that you are connected) you can use it as a frontend for your Enigma2 Receiver so to stream to a PC or another connected TV

First you need to go to 'Settings' and choose 'Live TV'

Once this is selected, then you will be presented with this

You need to select 'Enabled' - and then you are presented with this

Select OK so you can then select the Vu+ plugin

Once selected you need to configure

For basics configuration and speed of getting it working, just enter the IP address of your receiver

If you have a single tuner receiver then you need to allow zapping

And once you have done that, then you can enable it

Once it is enabled, there will be a progress bar in the top right of the screen, as it grabs the channel data and EPG from the receiver. You need to wait for this to complete - and initially can take a while. The 'Live TV' option will be available, and once it has grabbed the Channels and EPG, you can get an EPG, switch channels, view recordings, set recordings, and it also supports Teletext and DVB subtitles.

The biggest drawback with this method, is that you cannot pause live TV