Release Masterpiece: Nabilosat Darkstar ll Skin Original CCcam2.2.1 Fixed web-x-tv

Peace and mercy of God be upon you

Issuance of a summit today of speed and elegance of the amendment is the most speed in the
Alcherng Nabilosat additions top the excitement and repair problem seen
Cross-browser and the integration of Blogin Dirtic to translate films leave you with the rest of
Amendments and peace and mercy of God

* Change the image off in HD
* Ahtfad knife and an amendment to the original transparency Climate Summit Alpha
* Added French language along with English and the possibility of downloading any language
* Enlarge fonts , raising the knife beautiful
* Add the latest file frequencies of Hispasat to Arabsat 30.5
* Possibility of changing the display channels by pressing the button Ok and Help
* Fixed web-x-tv channels to watch the Dreambox via the browser
* Merge Emu CCcam 2.2.1 has been activated to run automatically when you load the image
* Merge Blogin CCCamInfo to track the status of server
* Merge Blogin EcmInfo to follow up the case of a server and Hops
* Merge Blogin Hacksat Keys to update the codes of the net
* Merge Blogin Signal Quality to see the signal strength
* Merge Blogin Teletext works great
* Merge Blogin Drtic to translate the movie enough to download a file the translation of the net
And send it to the path var / tuxbox / drtic / tit and operation of the IMO Dreambox

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