Xtrend Support Plugin XTPanel

Xtrend Support Plugin XTPanel

The Xtrend Support Board has decided to publish the XT Panel from
the support image v.6 as a separate plugin. This will make it possible
for the users to combine the benefits of different images with the v.6 image.

The plugin has been tested with the latest openpli-3 image and is
attached below.

Installation method (for example with the Openpli-3 image) :-

(1) Install the openpli image


(2) Ftp the attached plugin XTPanel to /tmp and give telnet command :

opkg install /tmp/*.ipk

After the plugin is installed - select skin SimpleHD (installed by the plugin).

Now you have the features of v6 image with linux kernel 3.6.0. You also have the second infobar etc. and a new item System Info !


Thx pcd

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