usbTuner (multiple tuners on dm800) ipk package (all new images) by a.key tested ok
If you don't know what usbtuner can do for you here's a little bit of explanation:
Say you know what dm800 can do for you and how dm8000 or any other enigma2 based boxes with multiple tuners can do more...You're thinking to yourself: I wish I had more money to get dm8000 or VU+ or anything else which has multiple tuners. But hey! - since you have dm800 which has USB ports and recent images run on linux kernel 2.6.18 you have the base to run additional tuners on your box. All you need is:
dm800, USB DVB-T/DVB-C or DVB-S/S2 device, drivers, usbtuner program and skills to make it happen.

The thing is that it's not just a matter of connecting your USB tuner to your box and loading the required modules/drivers. In order to get your USB tuner seen in enigma2 as additional tuner it needs to presented to it by the OS in a special form and here usbtuner comes into place. usbtuner binary makes a dvb device (your usb connected tuner) seen by enigma2 for the cost of about 10-20% of CPU power.

The package consists a directory structure which will be automagically installed to your box which the most important part is a hacked version of usbtuner binary (v0.1.9.2). It will install a set of scripts and run them after install to automatically detect and install your USB connected tuner.
There are 18 tuners supported by the installation script. This means that some tuners wont get automatically recognized and you will have to specify the name of your tuner as a parameter to the install script in order get it automatically set up in case you're the unlucky owner of such device.
There are 23 tuners supported in total by this package (/usr/script/ have support for 23 module-sets ) but as mentioned above the install script (/usr/script/ have support for only 18 of them. This is due to the fact that main part of is taken from lataamo's enigma2 package for installing and setting up drivers for older kernels. I don't know the usb ids of the missing ones so couldn't add them in.
These are the supported (by /usr/sript/ module-sets (devices):

If your tuner is not automatically recognized by running:

and you know it's module name (from the above list) run:
#/usr/script/ <module_name>

and it will be installed.

/usr/bin/lsusb which will be installed by this package as well can help you identify your tuner (module name). Simply ssh/telnet to your box and issue:

This will give you a list of usb devices and one of it maybe your usb tuner with some hints on device name which you can then eg. google.

The install script will add your module name into /etc/dtt.devices which then will be used by /etc/init.d/ to feed /usr/script/ loads up the required module list which effects is (if all goes well) having /dev/dvb/adapter1 directory and possibly more (if you have more usb tuners connected).

The attached package contains dvb modules and firmware which will be installed in /lib/modules/dvbt/ and /lib/firmware. These modules are the modules for kernel 2.6.18-7.4-dm800 and have hardcoded paths to this directory which means it will only work with the above mentioned kernel and supplied modules. It is possible to have it working with different (newer) kernel if you copy the required modules to /lib/modules/dvbt/ and comment out the check for kernel version in This of course will work only if nothing will change in the kernel for vtuner which could result in the usbtuner binary not working.

Anyways...Most of the times you should simply copy the ipk package to your dreambox, ssh or telnet to it and execute:
#ipkg install usbtuner_0.1_dm800.ipk
After which u either need to restart the whole box or just enigma2 (GUI). If all goes well you'll see additional tuner in your tuner configuration (MENU->Settings->Service Search->Tuner Setup or something like that)

testato il tutto con immagine ramiMAHER-v-3-dm800-76D che prima al riavvio con latamoo perdeva il tuner

thx a.key for great job