Evolution 2.7 Dreambox edition DM7000

Dreambox 7000

Technical Infos:
CVS Version: 04.01.2011
Linux kernel version: 2.6.9
GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
Web Inteface 6.0.4-Expert
Busybox 1.01

BLUE - Blue Panel (Emu Addons)
YELLOW - plugins
GREEN - subservices

Blue Panel Info:
Start/Stop Emu
Green - News
Red - Sys Info
Blue - Addons
Yellow - Settings

Addons info:
Download Addons - Emus,keys,Plugins,Setting....
Manual Install Addons tar.bz2
Delite Addons

-------- New in Evolution 2.7 --------------

Changes in Setup osd alpha transparency
Removed subtitle transparency code no needed
Add arabic font (thanks fairbird)
New dafault skin Black Matrix Gold(thanks fairbird)
Fix Streaming via Web Interface (thanks fairbird)

This image doesnt include keys or emulators.
satkeynet is not responsible any damage caused by this software.
We dont actcept any backup of this image,backup images can damage your box.
Download only the orginal evolution from satekynet.