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    Kathrein UFS 910 HD PLUGINS

    SIFTeam CrossEPG is a lightweight and portable epg for enigma2 dvb receivers (sat, cable and dtt). (c) 2009-2010 Sandro Cavazzoni

    Generic features:

    A lightweight epg db
    Protocol supported (by sat): OpenTV
    Protocol supported (by file): CSV, XMLTV (also gzip compressed), XEPGDB
    Scriptable with python
    HTTP data retrieve (for import)
    Integration with internal receiver epg
    Open source (GPLv2 license)
    Create a compatibile epg.dat
    Configuration panel
    Downloader plugin
    Importer plugin
    Automatic script execution before import process
    Automatic daily EPG download
    Delay daily download if exist a record in progress
    Automatic EPG download on channel tune
    Python libraries for developers
    Automatic load data after a download without a reboot (a patch is required)
    Automatic reboot enigma2 if no patch exist
    Support for CrossEPG ENIGMA2 v2 patch
    Support for simple epgcache.load() patch
    Support for EDG NEMESIS patch
    Support for Oudeis patch
    Internationalization (italian translation by Spaeleus)

    Default providers:
    Ausat OpenTV (Optusc1 on 156.0)
    Sky Italia OpenTV (Hotbird on 13.0)
    Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.2)
    Sky Uk OpenTV (Astra2 on 28.4)
    Ambrosa RAI Script
    Rytec Benelux XMLTV
    Rytec Bulgaria XMLTV
    Rytec Denmark XMLTV
    Rytec Erotic XMLTV
    Rytec Finland XMLTV
    Rytec France XMLTV
    Rytec Germany/Austria/Swiss XMLTV
    Rytec Greece (in english) XMLTV
    Rytec Greece XMLTV
    Rytec Hungary XMLTV
    Rytec Italy XMLTV
    Rytec Norway XMLTV
    Rytec Osn/Jsc XMLTV
    Rytec Poland XMLTV
    Rytec Portugal XMLTV
    Rytec Serbia/Croatia/Montenegro XMLTV
    Rytec Slovack/Czech XMLTV
    Rytec Slovenia XMLTV
    Rytec Spain XMLTV
    Rytec Sweden XMLTV
    Rytec Uk XMLTV
    Rytec Upc Direct XMLTV
    Rytec Za/Multichoice/Dstv/Osn XMLTV
    Linuxsat ExUSSR XMLTV
    Krkadoni ExYu XMLTV
    Krkadoni Bulsatcom XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Csat XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Dplus XEPGDB
    Krkadoni ExYu XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Meo/Zon XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Multichoice XEPGDB
    Krkadoni NL/BE XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Nordic XEPGDB
    Krkadoni GREEK XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Osn XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Poland XEPGDB
    Krkadoni SkyDE XEPGDB
    Krkadoni SkyIT XEPGDB
    Krkadoni SkyLink XEPGDB
    Krkadoni SkyUK XEPGDB
    Krkadoni Upc XEPGDB

    dokimasmeno plugin me to PKT Y2K11 Image me evdomadieo EPG sta dika mas kanalia


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    Re: Kathrein UFS 910 HD PLUGINS

    Έχεις και το δικό μας epg που μπορείς να βάλεις με 8 ημερες epg σε όλα τα κανάλια + alfa ltv και με όλες τις περιγραφές
    Member SatDreamGr Projects.
    Orbital Position = 5W - 3E - 9E - 13E - 19E.
    Satellite Receivers = Edision OS Mio 4K -- Edision OS Nino+ -- Edision OS Mini -- Edision OS Mega -- Medi@link IXUSS ZERO -- Dm 7020HD -- Vu+ Solo 2 -- Octagon SF4008 Triple 4K.
    Module = CI+ Fransat.
    Tuner Card = TBS5925.
    Images = SatDreamGr.

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    Απ: Re: Kathrein UFS 910 HD PLUGINS

    Quote Originally Posted by devilcosta View Post
    Έχεις και το δικό μας epg που μπορείς να βάλεις με 8 ημερες epg σε όλα τα κανάλια + alfa ltv και με όλες τις περιγραφές
    kosta mporeis na mou stileis to arxeio na kano test , eixa dokimasei palaiotera to SDG plugin alla den epekse ston kathrein .

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    Απ: Kathrein UFS 910 HD PLUGINS

    Πάρτο Σταύρο από εδώ


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    Απ: Kathrein UFS 910 HD PLUGINS

    ok paidia , katevasa to enigma2-greek-sources-crossepg_mipsel.ipk kai doulevei mia xara . Thanks

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