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Thread: Kathrein UFS 910 HD TOOLS

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    Kathrein UFS 910 HD TOOLS


    AAF UFS910/UFS922/TF7700 MultiPart Installer


    - change Mini detection for Mini V1.4


    - add multipart workaround for UFS922 E2 image
    - change all path's to new E2 format (/var/...)
    - change the mini detection


    - add Update BA
    - fix set bootargs for E2 syntax fault
    - fix copy emu (TF77000)


    - add flash layout for fw1.06+2bl
    - add 1:1 clone BA image
    - filesystem check for USB/HDD
    - add copy network settings for TF7700
    - grayout check mini for TF7700
    - add install BA for TF7700
    - fix copy settings for TF7700
    - add image signature for TF7700
    - disable flash button, mini button, check mini, menu bootp2.conf (only for TF7700)


    - change path automount.xml to /var/etc/automount
    - change check mini U-boot 1.3 installed AND activated.
    - add copy bootp/bootp2 to current image
    - add save bootp/bootp2 to disk
    - add load bootp/bootp2 from disk
    - add bootp/bootp2 simple editor
    - fix copy auto.misc
    - fix bug copy plugins
    - copy bluekey only for /var/etc/bluekey
    - fix bug copysettings
    - fix for settings file and channel list (new rev's)
    - add check for Mini U-boot 1.3 installed (can be disabled)
    - add new flasch tool for UFS910/UFS922 (thanks to obiwatn76)

    Note to new AAF LZMA E2 image:

    To install the new AAF NEW LZMA E2 images you need to have Mini U-boot 1.3 installed AND active !!!
    If you do install the new AAF NEW LZMA E2 image without Mini U-boot 1.3 your box will NOT boot.
    Then you need to install the recovery image.

    Note to flashtool:

    The new flash tool can flash kim-images and only images.
    The difference is that kim-images will change the bootargs to fit the kim-image.
    When flashing just a image (without kim file) MPI flash the image but don't change the bootargs.
    This can be handy when flashing the same image structure, or you want to set the bootargs your self.

    If you have the Kathrein original FW 2.02RC in flash then MPI uses multi part flashing.
    This takes a bit longer (sorry, i will later work to improve the upload speed).

    Note to Mini:

    1. Device name may have max 16 chars !!!
    2. when installing a image in miniboot, MPI will copy settings,channels,...if selected !
    3. make sure you add the serverip in the mainscreen (NEW)

    To install a USB/BA image or set the boot default, click on the right mouse button to select the option.

    Miniuboot file is not include. You must download the latest version.
    MPI will ask where you stored the file. Then it will be uploaded.

    Don't forget you need to prepare your USB stick for MiniUboot.

    UFS9XX MultiPart Installer

    I build another program to use Multipart for BA.
    It's NOT to replace KCC but we can use this untill VisMan has more time to add multipart to KCC.
    It's like BA_help from GOst4711.
    Only we made a few more options.

    - Install BA on UFS922 in Flash (with org. image or new E2 flash image)
    - Installing a image from Flash / BA / UFS_Image for UFS910 and UFS922.
    - Install a image from ../UFS_Images
    - Reboot
    - delete image
    - rename image
    - Set Boot image
    - drag and drop from UFS_Images to Installed images list
    - Copy settings, channels, var, amount.ini from running image

    When installing a image you will be asked to change the name (or keep the name)
    The image that is set for boot has a blue color.

    Here are the copy options:

    Copy channels:


    Copy Settings:


    Copy Picons:

    /usr/local/share/enigma2/picon (complete dir)

    Copy mount:


    Copy Var:

    /var/keys (complete dir)

    Copy BlueKey action:

    /var/.blueKey or /var/etc/blueKey (depending on copy from )

    Copy Plugins:

    /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/ + selected plugin ( if selected )

    Copy bootp.conf:

    Zur Anleitung im AAF Board

    Danke an Black_64, joergurmel und den gesamten AAF Team.


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    Kathrein UFS 910 HD TOOLS

    AAF Recovery Tool UFS 910 V1.9


    This is a recovery with a Null-Modem cabel and Network.
    It will clean the bootargs sector and install FW 2.02RC with FTP-server.

    No compilcated procedures, only a cable and a few click's.

    I also added the default bootdesc_x for Mini/Maxi U-boot ( because after recovery they will be gone ).
    And you can set your ip, serverip, mac and ....

    AAF Recovery Tool

    - fix crash when no comports
    - add fix for crc-check fault, forse Tftp packages size to 512. ( this is default for the uboot when packes size is not acknowledged)
    - add if port < 1024, abort upload and restart upload again (to get a higher port number)
    - update Maxi U-boot 1.3.1 to r1.8
    - update Mini U-boot install to r1.4
    - add debug log

    - add new recovery image FW2.02 final

    - add new Maxi Uboot (fix for 14w)

    - fix when crc starts with a zero

    - add picture of the UFS910
    - add save comport

    - add flash E2 image (only visible when Maxi U-boot is installed)

    - remove animation timer

    - update Maxi U-boot 1.3.1 to r1.7

    - change layout and icons

    - add Mini U-boot install (r1.3)
    - add Maxi U-boot install (1.3.1 r1.5)
    - add Original U-boot install (1.1.2)
    - add "search comports" button


    - fix gateway in default bootdesc
    - remove check for mac: 00:00:00:00:00:00


    - first test version


    1. you must have installed NetFrameWorks 2.0 or higher.
    2. check your firewall for use of the Tftp (port 69 and random data port)
    3. for windows Vista or windows 7 you must run it as administrator
    4. make sure you have no other Tftp-server running on your pc
    5. make sure the files in the AAF Recover Tool dir are accessible (read access)


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    Maxiboot Installer V1.5

    Maxiboot Installer V1.5

    Here is the first version of the Maxiboot Installer.
    This time it's complete differenct as the Mini Control Panel.

    Here is it the user who decides which stick and partition to use for MINI.( still depending of the bootdesc )

    Because the original software doen't mount ext2 partition you can not use them for Mini.
    So i add the option "MOUNT", right click on the partition.
    It will mount the stick to /var/mnt/{labelname}.
    It's not importent where the mount is done because you need it only to install the image.

    Why /var/mnt/... because the dir /STORAGE/... is read only.
    And /tmp = /dev/tmp have not enough free space.

    Check partition don't work with the original soft (not yet)

    After mount you can install the USB-Image.
    Or you can rename it.

    The image naam is NOT written in the bootargs !!!
    I did choose to create a file with the image name inside.
    So on every partition where you install a USB-Image with MI you will find a file ".maxiboot" in the root.
    In this file you will see the image name. This is also shown in MI.

    There are no advanced option, because i can't write to the bootargs.
    This will all added in the future.

    For the moment MI doesn't stop the enigma2 while installing (not yey made a check if E2 runs).
    I don't think it's needed on the Atevio.
    I have always installed my USB-images on a running System.
    But when problems then i will changes it.


    - add select path of er-files by user


    - add copy interfaces file
    - add load/save interfaces file from/to disk
    - fix E2 boot images detection (E2 flash)


    - add "Un-/Select all" Button for Plugins-selector


    - add logical partitions (max 8 parts)
    - add clone 1:1 over multiple devices


    - fix filesize check after uploading


    - change reboot command


    - add JFS-format


    - check filesize after upload
    - upload always on first connection


    - add a small text-spinner in the statusbar.


    - fix mount for original firmware V0.31


    - rewrite the check filesize routine
    - rewrite show partitions
    - add question if partition should be formated before installing


    - add reboot button
    - format partition before installing image
    - fix copy dir emu


    - add Mount all
    - add Auto mount all at startup
    - add copy settings, channels, skins, extensions plugins, mounts, var

    Only recent AAF USB-images are supported.
    Copy Picons is not working in this version.

    settings file path = /var/etc/enigma2
    settings file path = /var/etc/enigma2
    skin path = /var/usr/local/*****/enigma2
    plugins path = /var/usr/lib/enigma2


    - add save/load settings file to disk
    - add save/load channel list to disk
    - add 1:1 Clone image
    - set bootimage background color to green


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