OpenPLi v3.0 Beta DM800SE

OpenPLi 3.0: new alpha experimental images!

Hello all,

As you can read in several topics, in our development email list and via our twitter account we are working on: OpenPLi 3.0.

These 3.0 images are at some risk at these moments, so don’t use and flash them if you don’t want any trouble!

What are the benefits of OpenPLi 3.0:

We are just moving the current openpli openembedded recipes to an oe-core layer, and adjusting them to the new bitbake requirements.

The new 3.0 images will come online in a few hours, the buildproces at our build server is running at the moment.

There will be no new user features or real user changes, we just updated the build environment (update to openembedded-core).

When the 3.0 images are at beta stage you need to reflash, you can not upgrade to 3.0 from earlier versions.


The OpenPLi team.

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