Nemesis 5 of amendments and Fixed web-x-tv As of 12/01/2011

Peace and mercy of God

Modified on the top of the excitement and speed of image Nemesis 5 's pilot
Amendments to the summit in the magnificence and the reform process seen in the browser Ptbat large
I leave you with the amendments on the image Greetings brother Osman

Changes made to the image

* picture of a closed and rerouted to solve the problem of non Dhorha
* on-tv X-Static Web browser to correct the problem seen
* As usual, a nice change the image off
Added the ability to download the Arabic language along with English * French
* wg-matrix to change the original blade knife
* has a great aesthetic, knife him to change the transparency
* nice to add a line of copies
* Press OK, and then changing channels, the possibility of pressing the screen Help
* Added code to a new file and run the package Orf
* Add the last file frequencies
* Add Extra additions to the download URL for
* Yes merge field far from emo CCcam2.2.1
* Merge the case of server monitoring blog CCcam Info
* Merge Blog CryptInfo Hops and follow a case until the server
* Merge MinicatKey blog update for net direct codes
* Merge blog entry Dreambox computer nagrab

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