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    Gemini-Twitter v0.13-r1

    Gemini-Twitter v0.13-r1

    As the name suggests, deals with the micro-blogging system.
    It already has a Twitter account to be present.

    The first thing you must log in to Twitter.
    Menu> Log In
    The password is not stored by you on the box. There are two tokens for files in "/ etc/enigma2 /" created via the application.
    Under your Twitter profile, under Settings-> apps, the plugin can be seen as "twitcurl".

    The colored buttons should be self-explanatory.
    The menu button allows various functions such as Delete / Create Favorite Tweets or management are triggered. Other Twitter users can search, add, or delete.

    @ GeminiProject3
    @ dreamboxblog
    @ Dream Multimedia
    @ IHADtv (when things get updated again)

    After the installation, restart Enigma.

    By mechatron
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