Nemesis_4.4 Skinbase_CCcaM2.2.1_by M@N - DM500

Nemesis with a knife and correct Skinbase View. Web x tv & VLC 10.01.2011

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Here's Hedda amendment on the image of Nemesis

And this is the most important amendments

* Change the image off without Ashharrat
* Merge Emo Asickam CCcam 2.2.1 in the heart of the image
* Add Skinbase knife which is a beautiful production from brother Midar_sat
* Language English, French and other languages You can add the server
* Add a property change the width of the stations by pressing the button help
* Add a property direct recording DVR.
* A change in the lists of Skinat you will find the owner of the rights of the knife
* Add another file frequencies very modern and comprehensive for each satellite.
* Correction view . Web x tv & VLC
Thanks for the brothers and Marwan Hussein
* For those who want to download information:

* French and in english, language added to the other,
* There is no teletext,
* Time setting is not changed according to the CET and Dublin to Turkey dir.Yani time setting,
* Radio, mp3 and are the same as scan picture.
* EasyLogo picture varies, but I do not know