Gemini4.70-dm 500_Skin Blue-Laranja-HD_ZapStream-vlc_Web-X-tv OK_Mod KAMINERO

On 07/01/12 We have successfully edited the image Gemini 4.70 for Dreambox 500 devices with a knife Blue-Lanraja_HD for devices

Clarke-Tech ..

And has been the amendment to the kernel image to improve image quality and many of the most important additions:

- Install property Zapstream VLC and also Web-X-Tv

- English and other languages ​​can be downloaded from the servers and added the Arab Sorry

-Minicat Key updater to update codes

- Property Alltkst

- Add a property to the DVR recording direct

- Add Blogin Nagrab

- Plugin CCcam-info; and Ecm-info

- Correct feature screenshot

And many additions, of course in the heart of the image ...

Note the raw image are not integrated with any emo and you can download what you respond to servers added to it.

Here are some of the saccharin-shot:


Hope you like it

Please accept my greetings ...