Sunray4/SR4 sim2 is next model for sim2 clone boxes

here is some fotos

and here how to use learning type remote controller for Sunray4/SR4(chinese).

how to use learning type remote controller for Sunray4/SR4(chinese).
Operation steps:

1 select TV mode, press the learning type remote controller [ SHIFT ] on the key, approximately 3 Seconds after the TV indicator light on, enter [ learning ] mode.

2 press to a learning remote controller want to learn the key, the indicator slow flicker, said into the [learning mode] of waiting to receive a learning signal state.

3 will be a learning remote controller receiving tube on the original remote transmitting tube, between 2 to 3cm . The original remote control to learn button once, then learning

Remote indicating lamp by slow flicker for flash 3 times after Long light, said a key learning success.

4 , other learning button only needs to repeat the above 2, 3 step.

5 after the completion learning, then press [ SHIFT ] to save and exit learning state.

6 into the state of learning, interval 15S learning no press input signal input, remote control lights automatic

Extinguished, leaving [ learning mode ] and automatically save.

7 the same key to learning ,then save the last the code value.

The key to studying as follows:

include power, digital key 0-10,

The volume +, -, BOUQUET + volume,

The BOUQUET and TV keys

Press" DVB" and" TV ( SHIFT )" for mode conversion.