Nemesis2.4-SVN[101-r1]-Greek Mod-DM800se-sim2.10-ssl84b-My Dreambox SIM 2 Greek

Thanks to all the authors for all the usefull plugins :

1)mcelliot_g for :

VME v8.0 code full Greek

enigma2 mo file

HandelGotDBol files

and enigma2-greek-sources-crossepg

2)GSF Team for enigma2 GSF Subtitles Downloader v1.6.0(Latest v1.6.0) for OE 1.6

3)kastorasgr for enigma2-plugin-extensions-greeknetradio

4)Sat Dream Gr Team for enigma2-plugin-extensions-newmenu_3.0

5) mfaraj57 for Tspanel and livefootball

For sim2.10 Dreambox 800SE ONLY

latest drivers and ssl 84a

Use in internal flash or in multiboot

Here is some fotos

Do not forget saving your settings from software manager before flashing any new image

Have fun My Dreambox SIM 2 Greek

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