Rihanna OpenPLi-Turko DM500S Series (Rihanna8)

** LANGUAGES: Turkish, Türkçe, German
Italian, French. (Other languages ​​can be downloaded from addons)

** New bootlogo used.

** Radio and scan logos changed.

** Integrated with CCcam 2.2.1.

** 1:38 Mgcamd integrated.

** Ecminfo integrated.

** Server information is integrated into the custom menu.

** Inadyn integrated configuration.

** MoviePlayer integrated.

** Werbezapper integrated.

** DB Swicth (Turkish) is integrated

Teletext ** is available.

** Count To satellite.xml many satellites were used.

** Channels done side by side with the help button.

** Occupancy rate is 26% ...

Dream up, or DreamBox-OptiFlasher-v1.0.2
to install the ...

--- Image The test is given the forum.
--- Still, the responsibility belongs yukleyene.

** After installation, your reserve CCcam.cfg var / etc to take to,
LNB compile your list, simply make your adjustments and channel.

Before installation, always Take your reserve ...

** Do not load with flashwizard !!! **

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