e2-GSUHD-dm8000- 05/11/2011

Enigma2: Release 3.2
Machine: Dreambox dm8000
Date: 20111105
Issuer: Dream Multimedia
Link: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
MD5: 6cd546d79f8205add016fe37984c55c5

+ Release 3.2 (not experimental).

- UsageConfig Expert Settings and Others ...
+ Language by default Spanish and Espaρol.
+ Enigma2_3.2 (20,110,928).
+ Enigma2-plugins_3.2 (20,111,105).
+ Enigma2-skins_3.2 (20,111,031).
- Skin HDGlass16 - E2 3.38 by Shamanna, thanks.
- Glass System Utility - E2 3.86 by Skinmastersfun, thanks.
+ CrossEPG - E2 0.6.2 (svn 306) by Skam, thanks. Fix for enigma2_3.2 by ELA2, thanks to Neoen.
+ Mhw2epgdownloader - E2 (1.0.9) by Sergiotas, thanks. Fix for enigma2_3.2 by ELA2.
+ E2-satellites.xml Updated 30.10.2011 by Reinh @ rd, thanks.


IMAGE-DM8000 e2-GSUHD IS BASED, in the official firmware released by DMM and in accordance with the law only contains additions to the system.

IMAGE-DM8000 e2-GSUHD CONTAINS NO, no emulator, keys or other payment system for SEE - TV WITH OR WITHOUT a paid subscription.

FINALLY, THE IMAGE-DM8000 e2-GSUHD CONTAINS NO, a system to download plugins or external server emulator or software that can be used for illegal purposes such as exchange of cards.