New sim2 ssl 84 for dm800

Sim2 released new sim2 second stage bootloader for dm800hd within the plan of continuous support for all sim products
The new sim2 ssl 84 enables users to use original images with genuine drivers without modification on all types of sim2 dm800 boxes
Also sim2 annouced that the new sim2 ssl 84 supports both sim2 card types for dm800hd(sim201 and sim201) and this proved all what said about stopping support for sim201 cards are totally wrong.
Although the new ssl gives complete solution for sim2 dm800hd but there are some minor issues not resolved yet such webinterface ,wlan and software managers,however these issue could be fixed easily with available patches.
also expected problems will be with few images like edg nemesis and oozoon images and in this case sim2 advice users to use already patched images.

How to use new sim2 ssl 84

-Flashing original images.
1- load sim2 ssl84 to dreambox in setup mode by dreamup or internet explorer method then reboot the dreambox to setup mode again to activate the new ssl
2- Flash the original image by dreamup or internet explorer methods
3- without rebooting the dreambox flash again the sim2 ssl84 immediatley
4-reboot the dreambox .

-Flashing already patched images with sim2 ssl84
just flash the image with dreamup or internet explorer method without loading sim2 ssl84 whatever the current ssl version loaded to dreambox

-Updating already flashed image with sim2 ssl84
we do not advice to update images in normal cases but for accidental updating we advice installation of new sim2 ssl 84.ipk before restrating the dreambox after finihsing update process

for multiboot backup and osd flash image backup better to use sim2barryallen 4 and TSFlashbackup 4 which be available as soon as possible

sim2 ssl 84 dm800hd should be used with the specified sim2 model,sim2 neither me are not responisble for any damage could occur from improper use.

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