DM7020HD flashing browser

What you need to flash

You need the image file you want to flash. Image files have the extension *.nfi. You can't flash other
images like *.img files. Don't try it - it won't work.

You need either a DHCP server, a configured bootloader or a serial cable and a terminal program
like HyperTerm.

You need a browser, and a network cable. If you connect the Dreambox directly to the PC,
you need a cross cable, if you connect trough a switch/hub/router you need a normal
(non-cross) cable.

To flash a new image, you can use the second stage loader. It must be present and not broken.

The following steps assume you have a DHCP server.

- Power down the Dreambox, either using "shutdown" (to enter the deep-standby mode) or by
 using the power-switch. Standby is not enough!

Press and hold the power frontpanel button (1).

Switch on the dreambox, either by using the powerswitch or, in deep-standby mode,
 press the power button. Still, hold the lower button.

A text "*** STOP ***" (3) should appear. If something like "/flash".. appears, you didn't
 hold the right button. Now you can release the button.
 The bootloader entered the "waiting" mode.

Above the "*** STOP ***" text, there should appear an IP-address
 (2) (four decimal values with a dot in between). If there appears the string "dhcp" instead,
 the box still searches for a DHCP server. Wait a bit. If it doesn't change, something doesn't work with the DHCP server. Check wether network cable is plugged in etc.

Now, open a browser on your PC.

(1.) enter in the address line "http://ip/" (where ip must be replaced with the value in the LCD).

(2.) on the bottom of the page, there's a link called "firmware upgrade". Click it.

- On the next page, you can select the flash image you want to flash. be sure that it has the ".nfi" extension. You can't flash other images (like .img)!

- Click on "FLASH!" and wait. It might take some time to upload and flash the image.

- Switch the box off again, and on again. The new image should be flashed and working.

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