Commando 14.4 DM500S Release

Commando 14.4 Neutrino for DM500S Released: 16-10-2011

Sorry it's taken so long, but the team wanted it as perfect as possible, in terms of user-friendliness and help.

As always, this has been a labour of love from LraiZer, so you know that the main new additions are quality stuff!!!


++ NeuXmlEpg now rebranded as Rytec online EPG and updated to LraiZer's very latest v1.6 as well. (This is to do with more reliability on Rytec EPG download sources). Please read the attached readme for more info and instructions.

++ Radio Times online EPG - This is default and assumes your DM500S is connected to the web. It's gobsmackingly awesome, in terms of speed and functionality. Loads in around 70 seconds, all sorts of options for loading it, and while it's loading, you have a totally normal and fast viewing experience, too! Check out the readme for full details, please!

++ New Commando EPG Wizard menu under the BLUE button (then BLUE again). User-friendly, dynamic and highly intelligent. This menu, and the scripts it calls, show LraiZer at his very best. Everything you could possibly need to know about the EPG options and configuring them is in there...

++ Cosmetic, but nice- more Channel Icons now included. Apart from the first dozen or so Channels, we've now added symlinks to cover the 4 dozen or so Regional Variations of BBC1, BBC2 , and ITV1, including the ITV1 +1 channels. This is easy to grow further on, just read further down in the previous release.

++ More Cosmetics- LraiZer has changed the coloured dot matrix Progress Bars to a much nicer vertical bar variety. Looks very cool...

++ New password: For Telnet access, you shouldn't be asked for a password, coz it already trusts you. But FTP access is a bit more suspicious... For FTP access, the user is root and the password is your first name, between 1 and 16 characters

-- Sad news. Swapfile support is removed, on account it will NOT work in Neutrino DM500S. It's only encoded for DM boxes that have block devices support, like internal / external HDD, which DM500S doesn't have. So it won't work on a mount. Win some, lose some, sorry...

Now sit back and enjoy up to 14 Days EPG for prime Movies, 8 Days EPG for BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Not to mention 7 Days EPG for mainline Sports, 3 Days EPG for prime Entertainment, 1 Day EPG for so-so stuff, and Now 'n Next EPG for the crap.

PLEASE read the readme files, which are also included in the image in /var/tuxbox/config - as these docs will give you a far greater insight into how it all works.


by PaphosAL