InfoBarTunerState 0.1

Now it is time for me to imagine a plugin, at least the first beta of it

The plugin is designed to complement the InfoBar and represent all current shots clear. Just look at the screenshots, they say yes well known from more than ...

Each row contains the following information:
Record symbol - Tuner - Channel Number - Channel Name - Title - Remaining Time

The column width is adjusted dynamically.
The remaining time will be updated automatically when viewing
Get unlimited recordings for the remaining time UNDEND icon

The InfoBar will not be overwritten.
The plugin should also work with any image and have no incompatibilities with other plugins.

Extract the zip and copied the files onto your box in the following folder
/ Usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/InfoBarTunerState

Currently I am working on the assignment of the display of streaming tuner.
(Attention pseudo-code)
Navigation.record_event.append (self.MyFunction) I get a new stream with the start,
I only get there only one
And from that I get out just the tuner,
but no further information regarding the channel, or the streamed service.
Anyone who has any ideas?

The same applies to the PIP tuner assignment, but I do not even get a reliable event.
The only thing would be:
eDVBResourceManager.frontendUseMaskChanged.get (). append (self.__onTunerUseMa
Here you get an event when changing the occupied tuner.
Only if all are occupied, one can still be opened with a PiP channel on the same transponder.
In this situation you do not get more events.

beta test (only pyo files)
Streaming Tests
PiP Test
Code Cleanup
Config dialog
Skin Support
PTS tests

Thx betonme