How to flash AzBox Me with Enigma 2 over Web interface

This tutorial, which consist from screenshots will explain You how to flash Your AzBox Me with Enigma 2 or Neutrino HD image.

As far as we noticed, new AzBox bootloader allow You to install three (3) different Neutrino HD or Enigma 2 Images, so at boot it ask You which image You want to boot. In my case I am running official Neutrino HD on Boot 0, Enigma 2 v1.0 on Boot 1 and Enigma 2 TEST release on Boot 2.

So each time when receiver boot i can press on RCU button 1 or 2, or if i dont press anything receiver will by default boot to Neutrino HD which is installed on Boot 0.

1. Turn ON receiver by switching ON on the back panel and by pressing power button on RCU or Front panel and press VOL+, untill it show You on VFD that You are in rescue mode, where You will see also IP address of Your receiver.

2. Enter IP address which is shown on VFD to Your Web browser, and press enter.

3. Now on Your screen You will have this:

4. After You have selected on which position You want to install Your Enigma2 or Neutrino HD image, than You will have this screen, on which You have to click on Browse button and to navigate where Your Enigma 2 flash file is located, and after you choose it click on Upload!:

5. After upload process is done (20-30 seconds), You will have this screen, on which You should press button Flash, and also if You want You can check checkbox Reboot, that Your receiver reboot after flashing process is done, or You can reboot it manually.

6. After flashing process is done (arround 40 seconds), You will get this final screen, so if You didnt check checkbox to Reboot after flashing is done, You can do it manually or You can simpy click on link to go back on main page from where You can do other operations.

Thx Roger Rabbit