ProLux Pingulux and V2 for the identical boxes

Image of the NF-EOS-DEV-Team

What's new:
Deep Standby with 0.6 W
Smart Card detection
External Card Reader work! (Smargo and all other USB2Serial with pl2303)
3x OverClocking: boat, image, standby
Green LED lights when the FB input
EmuStart GUI after reboot and EMU will also be adopted in e2
New Emupaar Vizcam + Camd3 for Orf by EMU and everything else the same CS
Car Mount: Up to four sticks are mounted on sd ad and 1-4
For user changes it the RCS but the in / usr / bin / is in charge!

Shift key menu [x + F1 key]
EMU start / stop [F1 + x]
F1 + 1 = start camd3
F1 + 2 = start oscam
F1 + 3 = start mgcamd
F1 + 4 = vizcamstapi start
Display change (sender, Clock, Nothing) [F1 + Blue]
Display ON / OFF (in Stby) [F1 + Blue]
Display ON / OFF (DeepStby) [Blue]
DF Info
Current station list
Astra + Hotbird
New Keys:
F1 = shift-key menu
Page + = channel up
Page = channel down
Vol + = louder
Volume = quieter
Recall = sender switch
Yellow = Video Text
TV / Radio Switch = TV -> Radio and back
FAV = Favorites
TMS = timeshift


O * F / * Austria at about MGcamd and keys or via the camd3 + vizcam

In addition:
Newcs, OSCam preconfigured for Sky (D) - (pure card, happy emu boot, and) S02
MCAS, mgcamd, camd3 preconfigured for O * F / * Austria at
camd3 preconfigured for Card Reader on newcs
tested maps S02, HD +, SRG, Irdeto (Conax is not, unfortunately)
Web interface with full remote control adjustment (except FAV button and button TXT), streaming

user: root
pass: dreambox

The default setting is dhcp scart and not so surprised about the GUI remains on the TV once it is converted to the 720p are gone.
If not after a triple boot loop NeuProLux be started is started without the boat video.

Known BUG's:
At Scart or a resolution below 720 it comes to the Gui remains on the TV, so all the scart users can not be resolved, unfortunately!
Remedy economic times then a pressure on EPG then disappears a large portion of these residues.

Only play movies from ext2 +3 also network drives otherwise hanging in the shaft!



What's new:

Everything from the course PLUS v1:

new WikiLux
External card reader function
3x OverClocking: boat, image, standby
Lirc support RC1, RC2, GM; RC1/2/GM chosen as a single RC
Car IPKGInstaller at (/ tmp) ipkg easy, clean and ready tar.gz
Manual Install of further subsequent versions
(It does not matter what stick you have and proceed much faster than the original install process)
New Emupaare Vizecam Camd3 + and + oscam camd3 for Orf by EMU and everything else the same CS
Boat video set (depending on volume level and display separately)
Stick Swap
auto standby timer
(Xx hours after the box is in the STBY or DeepSTBY
it is taken the last keystroke, the FB!)
Neutrino / Spark entry in the menu set PowerOff
Summer time / winter time adjustable
EPG Auto Save
Possible inclusion of DeepStandby
FindService by first letter
and much much more ....

with 0.6 watts

Current station list

New Keys:
Find button (magnifying glass) = FindService
White button = ScreenShot by FB

Backup optimized
(2 min wait. Less)
automount on startup
(HDD's and stick's are correctly identified and mounted)
Display ON / OFF (in Stby) [F1 + Blue]
Display ON / OFF (DeepStby) [Blue]

In addition:
Camd3 update in Emumanager


NF-PN Plugin
NF-RSS plugin

Still contain:
HD Skins
cifs - integrated network shares (Windows shares, etc.)
Spark reboot (so that you can directly from the E2 re-boot the original firmware!)
Start neutrino (so you can switch to NeutroLux)
E format (so you can delete the E2 completely from your Pingulux. Pretty good event for the service!)
Backup (to create a cpl. Assurance of your images)
Time in standby
Teletext (SAT button)
Web interface with full remote control adjustment (except FAV button)
PowerOff Menu
... and much more!

Tuning Tip:
Menu -> Settings -> Channel Search -> call Satellites Editor
Go out and ask to save with a YES answer.
BP-call switching and then viiieeel faster ...

If not after a triple boot loop NeuProLux be started is started without the boat video.

Known BUG's:
network wizard
When setting the IP and DNS config on the first run "Network not ready".
Solution: Just set it and repeat everything again!
TV / Radio Mode
When you open the last channel is displayed, but not the same play.
Solution: First of all select another channel and switch back.
Oscam reads no card in internal reader.
Solution: oscam the file in / var / delete EMU, in the oscamLIBUSB rename oscam Pingulux and reboot.

Online update results GreenSreen
Solution: Blue Button> Image setup> Online Update> Blue Panel> Install install BluePanel_v0.2e723


When two images:
Scart users will not see the boat video.