sim2 ssl84a for dm800se is released from sim2 to fix sound problems in playing MP4 files
how to use this ssl

-with original image
in setup or stop mode( power on dreambox while pressing front button)
1-flash sim ssl84a for dm800se
2-reboot dreambox again to setup mode
3-flash original image(do not reboot)
4-flash sim2 ssl84a-dm800se.nfi
5-reboot dreambox

-if flash image has sim2 ssl84 or older ssl(82 or 76)
just install the sim2-ssl84a-dm800se.ipk as any ipk file and by rebooting the dream the ssl84a will be loaded
other methods using internet explorer or dreamup with dreambox in setup mode just flash ssl nfi file

-also you can use already patched image with ssl84a with direct installation by internet explorer or dreamup

**for installation and backup of sim2 images with ssl84a in multiboot,use sim2-barryallen 3.0

**for backup flash image with ssl84a integerated use TSFlashBackup 3.0

**sim2-ssl84a-dm800se.ipk is also available for direct installation from TSpanel-addons-sim201 addons-sim2-secondstage

files used only for sim2 dm800se,do not use in other sim2 models or other none sim2 models