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Thread: New secondstage bootloader ssl84 for dm800se from sim2

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    Thumbs up New secondstage bootloader ssl84 for dm800se from sim2

    sim2 announced release of sim2-ssl-84-dm800se today according to the plan of continuous support for sim2 dreambox users.
    This great development is one of steps to achieve ability of users to enjoy latest images with latest original drivers.
    sim2 also announced that work in progress to release ssl-84 for other sim2 dreambox models.

    new ssl-84 is used as following

    To use new ssl with original images:
    -Flash new ssl-84 nfi to dreambox by internet explorer or dreamup(this used once if the current dreambox bootloader is ssl82 or older)
    -Flash original image as usual
    -Flash ssl-84 nfi to dreambox again and before rebooting the dreambox

    This method may not apply to few images like latest releases of edg nemesis and oozoon and better to use already patched images with new ssl built in

    To use sim2 patched images with new ssl 84
    if the dreambox has old ssl 82 bootloader,flash new ssl-84 nfi first by internet explorer or dreamup then flash sim2 image
    if new ssl84 already flashed to dreambox just flash the sim2 image by usual method

    with the new ssl ,original drivers and most recent releases of plugins are working without modifications with exception of few plugins like webinterface and software manager may need to apply available specific patches.

    -for better benefit from new ssl better to use with original drivers 2-9-2011
    To take backup for the flash image with integrated new ssl we advice to use TSFlashBackup v 2.0
    To install and to make backup of barry allen multiboot image we advice to use sim2-barryallen v 2.0

    sim2se_ssl84_0923.rar (356.34 KB)

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    sim2 ssl84a for dm800se

    fixed minor bugs when playing multimedia files(mp4)

    attached file include
    bin-for -back up purposes
    ipk-for direct install to current flash image-reboot dream is required to load new ssl

    Thanks Mfarja57

    sim2SE_SSL84A_0929.rar (546.47 KB)

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