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Thread: Sim2 Barryallen_1.0_ by mFaraj57

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    Thumbs up Sim2 Barryallen_1.0_ by mFaraj57

    enigma2-plugin-extensions-sim2barryallen_1.0_mipsel by mFaraj57

    -Modified and based from barry allen 5.1.54 by gutemine
    -Able to install new images after 2-9-2011 and old images to multiboot without errors
    -Able to take backup of multiboot images without adding any files,backup can be reflashed to internal flash without errors
    used only for all types of sim2 boxes(dm800se,dm800 and dm500hd)

    if barry allen already installed and version above 5.1.54 better to uninstall barry allen and to install sim2barryallen else sim2barryallen can be installed without removal previous versions

    Installed as any ipk file but preferable by telnet method
    unrar the downloaded file and copy to tmp
    by telnet

    opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-sim2barryallen_1.0_mipsel.ipk
    dreambox connected to internet is necessory for sim2barryallen backup function

    or for direct installation from TSpanel-addons-sim201 addons-sim2barryallen


    one more fantastic work from our friend mfaraj57

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    add support for new sim2-dm800se-ssl-84

    enigma2-plugin-extensions-sim2barryallen_2.0_mipsel.ipk (467.97 KB)

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    -added support for backup of sim2-ssl84a dm800se

    -added support for backup of sim2-ssl84 dm500hd


    thanks mfaraj57

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    Απ: Sim2 Barryallen_1.0_ by mFaraj57


    -Only for all sim2 boxes dm800hd,dm800se,dm500hd
    -ready to add ssl 84b to barryallen backup

    based on barry allen 6.0.0 by gutemine
    the sim2 version differs from original by the mechanism of action,original barray allen extracts ssl from flash image while sim2 version download ssl from sim2 server
    sim2 images backup are more stable with sim2 version


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