Picture Nemesis4.4_ knife _black matrix _ and Imo Mgcamd_1.37

Submit to you today a picture Nmcis knife black matrix after the amendment was to become the splendor hope you like

the amendments :

- change the original logo
- Languages: English Arabic French
- change the original knife Bskiyn _ Black Matrix
- the integration of CCcam_2.2.1 away from the var
- the integration of Mgcamd_1.37 away from the var
- the integration of CCcam info away from the var
- the integration of Blogin Ecminfo to follow up the case of a server
- Add a property registration
- add another file frequencies very modern and comprehensive for each satellite
- Add servers To download Alaamohat and to non-Malk
- delete some unnecessary files to maintain Stability is
- and you can Tgierallojohat easily go to the path var / bin / images
- delete the background that you want to change first, and then Add new
- background start-Place logo on behalf of the logo
- a background radio Put logo on behalf of the radio
- the research background Place logo on behalf of the scan
- Place the logo background mp3 as mp3
- Just send a file to participate var / etc
- can be passed by this image or flachwizar dreamup

leave you with pictures

Nemesis4.4_skin Bm_s CCcam _2.2.1 by Midar_sat


Nemesis4.4_skin Bm_s Mgcamd_137 by Midar_sat