Enigma Signal Meter – Krkadoni Edition (e1+e2)

για τους λατρεις του Ε2 ενα εργαλειο μετρησης σήματος του δεκτη μεσω Web interface στον υπολογιστη

Enigma Signal Meter – Krkadoni Edition (e1+e2)

First release of Enigma Signal Meter was quite popular, but it was buggy, lacked support for many different Enigma 1 and Enigma 2 flavors, had no support for multitasking, had confusing and different interface for E1 & E2 receivers. That’s why new Enigma Signal Meter – Krkadoni Edition was born.


Fast, small, portable, simple and free application for Enigma 1 / Enigma 2 satellite receivers, build to help you align you satellite dish to perfection.


SUPPORTS ALL currently existing Enigma1 and Enigma2 receivers and images
same simple interface used for Enigma1 and Enigma2 boxes (originally they are quite different)
full background processing (running tasks will not hang application)
small & portable (doesn’t require installation and can be run from USB stick)
autoupdate (offers to update when new version is available)
voice reading of signal levels (uses default Windows voice)
signal beeping (beeps signal with frequency depending on signal level)
works remotely (just forward web port and you can connect from anywhere)


Enigma 1 or Enigma 2 based satellite receivers with running Web interface (WebIf)
Network connection between receiver and computer
Windows XP or higher
.NET Framework 3.5
1 MB of free disk space

List of receivers it was tested and working on:

- DM500
- DM500HD
- DM600
- DM7000
- DM7020
- DM7025
- DM800
- DM800SE
- DM8000
- VU+ Uno
- VU+ Duo
- AzBox Premium
- AzBox HD Elite
- AzBox Ultra HD
- Kathrein UFS 910
- IPBox 9000
- Amiko Alien
- Topfield TF 7700HD PVR
- Gigablue solo
- ClarkeTech ET9000

Thanks to all people on Satelitski forum who tested

For best results when searching (faster response time):
- don’t search while zapped on HD channels
- don’t search while recording
- don’t search while receiver’s web interface is open in web browser
- don’t search if you have other plugins running
- generally avoid anything that slows down your receiver