Vali.HD.flex GP Mod


Update 13.09.2011

because one or the other to completion as a standalone controller skin stretches a bit, I've decided not to allow yourselves to wait longer. Therefore, I once my current status as a cobbled together ipk. The whole thing is still under development and currently (as said) is still not a separate controller. This means that the skin must be vali.hd.flex 3.1 already installed!

In addition to the standard adjustments for the Gemini plugin still several enhancements have been adapted to the skin. These are some of schnuffel2008 (from the Merlin forum), but also some of mine. Blue Panel's logo are mfgeg.

At this point, many thanks to the three (schnuffel2008, and especially mfgeg vali).

Errors in the state currently ruled absolutely NOT

Currently only the standard Flex is adapted. All other info bar's I did not really want to adjust yet. But if there are enough people interested, maybe I let myself be swayed yes. The same also applies to extensions etc ...

Have fun and try

PS: More info and screenshot's for Vali.HD.flex's available here in the CVS thread.

PPS: You should all with ipkg - force-overwrite install package and include name userfile should be on!

PPPS: In the folder / usr/share/enigma2/Vali.HD.flex/images/plugins are still more blue panel icons from mfgeg ...