**********DM500s Gemini 4.70 GSF Mod **********

In contrast with DM500s Gemini 4.60 GSF Mod , 4.70 GSF Mod comes in a universal flashing format, with a new GSF plugin server, and max free var.
The additions and changes on the official Gemini 4.70 for the DM500s are:

---READ ONLY part of the image---

* The "clone" bomb introduced after Gemini 4.3.1 is removed. Fully tested on clones.
* CCcam 2.1.2.
* Fix for the jerky streaming from the receiver to VLC, plus zapstream from Pli.(*1)
* Audio priority for Greek audio, if found in the channel stream.
* Ngrab Plugins (Start/Stop)
* New logos for boot, service scanning and radio mode, provided by minotavrs.
*All downloadable languages are fully functional, plus special modded Greek Fonts.
* New addons server accessible from Blue Panel -> Addons (*2)
* The online image update from Gemini Servers(Menu->Setup->Expert Setup->Software Update->Internet Update) is disabled, to avoid accidental
internet update, and bootloader crash for clone boxes.
* A script for a software change, of the receiver's MAC address, if it's not on the genuine range of dream multimedia.(*3)
* Updated satellites.xml for the range of: Amazonas 1/2 (61.0W) - Eutelsat W5 (70.5E)
* Grab for screenshot taking.
* An small Greek/English language has been added during boot for English menus with Greek EPG.
* All flashing methods available. DreamUp, Flash Wizard and root.cramfs. (*4)
*Other minor fixes. (*5)

(*1) For zapstream use just use VLC and open
http://dreamboxip:31344 (where dreamboxip is your receivers IP)

(*2) The addon server contains:

- GSF Flexy 1.0.7 with the biggest Greek subtitles database for dreambox use, weekly Greek schedule for Nova (Greek Provider) and many more.
- Drtic 2.2 configured to save subtitles in /tmp.
- RSS Reader with Greek feeds.
- Teletext with Greek characters support.
- New Greek Enigma1 translation from mcelliot_g. The best and most complete till now.
- Greek/English language for English menus with Greek EPG.
- Official Greek language from Gemini.
- CCCam Info 1.1.
- Tuxbox Commander.
- Selected plugins from Gemini servers.

(*3) The Gemini team in v4.70 has implemented an additional clone check. If the receiver's MAC address is blacklisted the box can't connect to the
internet.This problem is easily solved using GSF's plugin(Plugins -> Fix my MAC)

(*4) The root.cramfs flash method has been tested to Gemini versions greater than v4.

(*5) Besides the fixes, we have disabled the remote control via web interface due to non proper function.

We should mostly thank minotavrs for providing the logos as well as mcelliot_g for his enigma1 translation.

MD5 Hash: 575e263d5b747cdb82900939f40b9215

The Greek Sat Freaks team

####Don't leech history. Macedonia is Greece####

Download Gemini_4.70_GSF