Black Hole 1.6.4 Full Hdmi-Cec - XTREND ET5000


What is new ?

The new Black Hole Hdmi-Cec driver allow you to command two devices (Tv and Vu+ box) with only ONE Remote control (Tv remote control)

Not all television are compatibile with this funcion, as for example Panasonic seems to be not yet compatible with Bh Hdmi-Cec.
But Bh Hdmi-Cec is tested and report working on all latest Samsung(Anynet+), Philips and and other Tv models like Sony Bravia KDL40EX402 series.
But we cannot test all tv recent models, so please help us reporting your tests too with your television model.

Instructions to connect the box to your Hdmi-Cec compatible Tv:
1) Enter in your Tv Menu Options and enable all the Hdmi-Cec options.
2) Enter in your Vu+ box Black Hole Hdmi-Cec Panel Setup (blue->blue->Black Hole Hdmi Cec: Configure in this screen the right Hdmi connection port and enable Bh Hdmi-Cec.
3) Click Save (red) button and your box will try to connect with your Tv.
All Done. If your Tv is compatible you can now control Tv and Box with Tv rc.
Warning: You have to select the specific port option if your box is connected to an ampli.

WARNING: This Image has the latest drivers and CAN NOT be installed in multiboot.
The image MUST be installed in the flash.
Black Hole can not support images not installed in the flash.

This latest version of the Black Hole series has been entirely rewritten and improved in the code for maximum stability and performance.

Please note that of all images Black Hole now has the best epg system:
- Integrated OpenEpg
- Rytec dedicated epg.dat
- New system epg.dat outside.
This last feature gives the possibility to various forums or communities to create their favorite EPG data files and load them into a web space.
Community members can then download it from our servers.
This feature provides other benefits such as:
Increase download speed of EPG
Download EPG from any channel
Schedule the download of EPG decoder even during standby
Users can customize the providers using Add / Remove function

Main functions of the buttons on the remote

OK button = Skin with simple information
OK button x 2 = Extra Info Skin
Blue button = Black Hole Blue Panel
Blue button and then Red button = Black Hole Epg Panel
Blue button and then Yellow button = System Monitor Panel
Blue button long press = Extensions
Yellow button = Time Shift
Green button = Black Hole Green Panel
Green button long press = Subservices
Green button and then Red button = Fast Plugin Setup
Green button x 2 = Fast Plugin
Button Red = Start Record


Green button and then Yellow button takes you to:-
Dedicated server for BlackHole addons
Download and install additional packages from the Black Hole server

Infobar / OSD

Analog Clock Gui
Channel orbital location

Advanced Tuner Info: Sr Freq Pol Fec
Signal SNR, BER
Infobar picons

Characteristics of BlackHole Panels
Blue Panel
Extra Settings

Black Hole Cron Manager (Manage schedules)
OSD Settings (OSD configuration)
Devices Manager
Black Hole HDMI Cec

Manager Kernel Modules (Kernel module web browsertor)
Inadyn Settings (Configure Inadyn)
Swap File Settings (Configure File Swap)
Hard Disk Settings (Configure Hard Drive)
Black Hole Mount Wizard (Mount points)
OpenVPN Panel ( OpenVPN Panel)
Samba / CIFS Panel ( Samba Panel)
NFS Server Panel ( NFS server Panel)
Telnet Panel ( Telnet Panel)
FTP Panel ( FTP Panel)
Usb Tuner Panel
UPnP Client Djmount
UPnP Server Mediatomb

Info Panel
1 - Gui Setting (Gui configurations)
2 - Service Information (information system)
3 - About (info)
Memory (Memory)
Space (capacity)
CPU (processor)
Process (process)

EPG Panel
Global settings (global settings EPG)
Setting Provider (ISP settings)

Green Panel

Fast Plugin Setup (Configure quick access to your favourite plugin)

Fast Plugin (Access your favourite plugin)

Addons (added)
Addons Download Manager (Manager for package downloading)
Installation manual packages (Manual installation of Black Hole packages)
Manual Install IPK packages (Manual installation of IPK packages)
Addons Uninstall Panel (Uninstalled packages)
Black Hole Statistics (See connections, top downloads and more)

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