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    Intelligent backup ... what would that be?
    The question was how do I get my extensions, plugins and skins secured system and after a new flash these things in the then current version on my box.

    After unpacking and an Enigma restart the Smart Backup is in the settings under System.

    First you must then select a path, then there is when you save a folder "backup" created in the later to find the backups are packed. Logically, it makes sense not to create this folder in the flash, but on another storage medium ...
    Then we can its settings and the really important that secure plugins / skins ...

    After flashing the new one then only has to re-install this plugin, select the path to the backup folder and can then recover.

    Another while restoring ...
    It can be anywhere (Flash, of course, is again quite nonsensical one folder "plugins_important" - where you simply put everything in, what else should be installed so (ipk. ..) and do not normally feed on a place (examples: barryallen, glassysutils, dream explorer or something), which is then automatically installed when you restore the plugins.
    Finds itself there something newer stuff stashed on the feed's image, there is also the newer installed and not the old one that had actually stored in "plugins_important".

    This is a slightly scaled-CVS-compliant version of the PB Power Board backups - if it should be someone familiar ...
    Aggravating circumstance that the plugin is NOT developed on a Dreambox, but on a very bad box is conceived and implemented (at least that is what a little time out of the corner

    As my programming skills to be limited, like the implementation vlt. be a little unusual, but function comes before beauty

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