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Thread: SifTeam 1.9.4 Dm 600pvr

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    SifTeam 1.9.4 Dm 600pvr

    SifTeam 1.9.4 Dm 600pvr

    About the new image 1.9.4
    1) CVS updated to 26.07.2009
    2) Now you are able to see info about packs,enable the function trought advanced panel
    3) Now you can see the latest packs and updates available on our panel
    4) Changed webif and boot images
    5) Some changes on code
    6) UPNP is available (SERVER/CLIENT)
    7) Moved vsftpd.conf in /var/etc/
    8) New flashes of qbox one are now ok
    9) Qbox manager updated(some fixes on dtt)
    10) Two new skins by nikolasi sifteam_red e sifteam_blu (thx)
    11) Added Black_Matrix gold by MX mod_RG (thanks matrix) modded by rroatan
    12) Added skin Army omega black (thanks army)
    13) Added all_languages for sifteam 1.9.4
    14) Added and fixed Multiview pack
    For the version ipbox-200@64mb you must:
    1)install the normal img for ipbox200
    2)install "serial_uboot_64.img"
    both with flashtools or Flasher
    * About Programs:
    For all sifteam images, on /var/etc/rcS.d/ you can choose a program to start(there are already some commented examples..remove "#" to active them)
    To enter in Control Panel from Emu panel you can press the yellow button (added also on webif)
    The menu Script can be opened from Control panel pressing 0(zero)
    To change the positions of Channel name or Clock you can modified by telnet the values
    (Horizontal)(50 & 80 are the default values)
    echo 50 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/altOraOSD
    echo 80 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/altCanaleOSD
    (Vertical)(10 is the default value)
    echo 10 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/oriOraOSD
    echo 10 > /var/etc/SifTeam/conf/oriCanaleOSD
    If the following message appear "..curl_global_init.."...please restart enigma(Menu-5-restart enigma)
    * The option Move OSD is no longer available but you can install it as external plugin
    To use the old /Var you should edit the file /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/config
    and change the text "s:/ezap/ui/skin=/*****/tuxbox/enigma/skins/golden.esml" in
    ** The Q-box has not all the functions of the other boxes...for example to open the Control Panel you must press blue>yellow
    Enjoy Sif-team fans

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    Απ: SifTeam 1.9.4 Dm 600pvr

    SifTeam 1.9.4C - 28-02-2011

    Updated cvs to 28.02.2011

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