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    SatChannelListEditor V4.1.1

    Channel List Editor for UFS821, UFS822, UFS902, UFS910, UFS912, UFS922.

    version 4.1.1

    New features:

    Import channels from a second channel list (UFS922/UFS912)
    Converting two lists in UFS902/UFS910 format in the format UFS922/UFS912

    Bugs fixed:

    When creating a transponder, the value is not accepted for ONID (UFS922/UFS912)


    Under Windows, Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 or later installed
    Under Linux, the Mono framework installed (tested with Mono 2.0.1, may need to be installed WinForms libraries with "sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms *")‎

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    Απ: Sat Channel List Editor

    SatChannelListEditor V4.4

    Channel List Editor for Satellite Receivers

    support receiver:


    New features:

    Support for NeutrinoHD
    Receiver Profiles

    Bugs fixed:

    After changing a satellite transponder or transmitter lost all their program number (Enigma2, titanium)
    The Programmnumer in the overview of the different channels of the channel number that appears in the channel editor. (Titan)
    If you change the program number in the channel editor the entire channel list is jumbled. (Titan)

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