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Thread: TS dreambox player 7.0-The simplest streaming solutions ever

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    Thumbs up TS dreambox player 7.0-The simplest streaming solutions ever

    TS dreambox player 7.0 by mFaraj57
    This software is upgrade to previous version
    Tunisiasat dreambox player&webstreamer 6.1

    -Connect all enigma1 and enigma2 boxes to pc
    -Streaming any enigma receiver to local pc through local network or to any remote device by internet(remote pc,mobile...)
    -recording of dreambox movies on pc
    -complete control of dreambox from pc
    -display streaming in three modes (normal,zoom 1 and full screen)
    -playing hd channels even from none-hd dreambox(enigma1)
    -streaming channel in pc and watching other channel in dreambox(should be same transponder and enigma2 box)
    -many additional features

    -desktop or laptop pc connected through internet or local network
    -any kind of enigma box(enigma1 or 2)
    -pc vlc player version 1.05 or less(version above 1.05 will not work with enigma2 boxes)
    TS dreambox player 7.0-setup version download(recommonded)
    TS dreambox player 7.0 .exe-portable(without setup)

    Tunisiasat dreambox web receiver5.02 download(for receiving internet stream in remote pc-not needed in standard installation)

    - be sure you have installed pc vlc player 1.0.5 or less
    -unrar the downloaded file and run setup exe(run as administrator from right mouse click in widnows 7 and vista)
    use portable version if there are any setup problems
    -run TS dreambox player and fill settings information once only
    -for windows 7 and windows vista from the right mouse click run the setup.exe and the program as administrator for first time and may choose xp comptability from properties

    for streaming through internet and other device follow this tutorial published about the software in What Satellite & Digital TV - August 2010

    complete guide for internet streaming from dreambox-pdf format

    The previous version and internet streaming solutions discussed in more than 40 pages in digistal kaos

    Dreambox streaming to internet,it has never been easy like this



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    example of internet remote streaming from dreambox

    capture of dreambox streaming in Tunisia(africa) from France

    streaming pc video from France to PC in Jordan(Asia)

    complete control of remote dreambox from local pc by dreambox web receiver software


    listen to your dreambox radio stations from any site in the world

    settings of dreambox web receiver software to receive remote streaming


    watch hd channels from your dm500 without hd TV
    sreaming hd channel to pc from dm500(enigma1)

    Stream dreambox to NOKIA N95 through internet or local network

    dreambox on nokia screen from far place from streaming dreambox

    streaming dreambox to Justin tv


    Thx mfaraj57

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