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Thread: Greek Conn-x TV is testing on 9E

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    Greek Conn-x TV is testing on 9E

    Greek Conn-x TV is testing on 9E

    published: 14.08.2011, 19:56 TODAY!

    The satellite Eurobird 9A (9 ° E) may soon provide its services to other pay service. Greek telecommunications operator OTE began technical testing services to the Conn-x TV on the French satellite operator Eutelsat.

    OTE said the test uses the Eurobird 9A to test their parallel satellite IPTV platform Conn-x TV. Tests carried out on the frequency 12.111 GHz, pol V. In the multiplex to broadcast programs, Deutsche Welle TV, ESPN America, ESPN Classic, Blue Hustler, France 24 Espaρol, Francais and France 24 World Fashion Channel. All stations are equipped with VideoGuard conditional access system (CAID 09BE). Same system used by OTE and the CAID and the position of 39 ° E, where the service is still transmitting.


    * Eurobird 9A (9 ° E) freq 12.111 GHz, pol V, SR 27500, FEC 3 / 4, DVB-S/QPSK, CA VideoGuard

    IPTV platform Conn-x TV launched the Greek telecom giant OTE in 2009. In February 2011 the operator announced the launch of satellite version of the Conn-x TV programs offering SD and HD resolution.

    Aπο ξενο foroym τα ενδιαφεροντα νεα.
    Δοκιμες σε νεα συχνοτητα.

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    Εχω διαβασει οτι το πακετο θα εχει 3 αναμεταδοτες και η τιμη του γυρω στα 20 ευρω και θα εχει και ολα τα επιγεια ψηφιακα καναλια

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    αυτη την στιγμη υπαρχει στις 39 μοιρες? κανω αναζητηση και δεν τα βγαζει καθολου.... :rolleyes:

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    Υπάρχει και στις δύο συχνότητες.

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    οκ. δεν εβαζα το dvb-s2. ;-)

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