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    The Website Parser 0.6 - New version released

    Hello all and appologies for the delay in new release,

    I have now released a new version of the website parser, the version released had to be a version 0.6 since i had included a lot more in it than i first intended to.

    Included within the latest version of The Website Parser version 0.6 is:

    -Live football tables and scores from german/deusch)
    -Formula1 live race times and standings (Thanks to DirtyLion for the script)
    -Formula1 live race text commentary and news (in german/deusch)
    -The ablity to parse any website to text providing you know the url
    -Updating the plugin is quicker and easier to do now includes Turkish/Turkce language as well as English
    -Donations (if you wish to give them)

    -World sport satellite feeds have been fixed to show images properly
    -Zap to channel has now been fixed to zap to a channel for feeds found now works again
    -Internet movie database search now working again
    -Radio 1 charts have been fixed and now work again
    -Radio 1 DVD charts have now been removed since they now no longer exist
    -HMV charts have been changed slightly since only one price is now given on the website
    -The way you update the plugin has been fixed to download full ipkg file instead of individual files

    -World satellite football feeds
    -One off feeds
    -Football scores and match stats
    -Zap to channel
    -Live BBC Vide printer
    -Football news
    -Cinema listings for uk and ireland cinemas
    -Radio 1 and HMV chart listings for UK
    -Internet Movie Database search from current program/manual search
    -Update plugin at the touch of a button
    -Downgrade to previous versions
    -Plugin News

    I have attached the ipk file for version 0.6 and the following screenshots to show the new features of the new version in action.

    Note for people who have previous version:
    (Please note that if automatic reboot on update is selected in the options menu, your dreambox will restart automatically if you updated to this version from an earlier version via the yellow button on the plugin. Once restarted update is complete and no need to download anything else unlike in previous versions.

    Note for people who do not currently have the plugin:
    If you do not currently have the plugin, for install it is download the ipk file, transfer the ipk file into /tmp folder with a tool such as Dreambox Control Centre or Windows Explorer, and then manually install on your box followed by a soft reboot.)
    Many thanks,

    Download Link: thewebsiteparser_mipsel.ipk
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