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    Total Commander 7.56a Vi7Pack 1.83 Beta 1

    Vi7Pack Uses A Popular File Manager Total Commander, Includes The Best Plug-Ins And Additional Software For Easy And Convenient Operation, While Having A Small Size. Vi7Pack Designed To Trifles. In The Vi7Pack Is A Style Icon Vi7, Others Can Be Found In The Package TC IconsPack V3. The Installer Is Built Using Inno Setup. The Vi7Pack Is Optimized To Work On: Vista, 2008, 7, 2008 R2 (x86/x64).

    The Content Of The Assembly:

    -Total Commander 7.56a
    -Enhanced And Standard Menu
    -TweakTC 6.0.3 Sr3
    -AkelPad 4.5.0
    Plug-AkelPad (29.10.10)
    -7z SFX Archives Divider
    -Rar 3.93 (x86/x64)
    -Startup 2.8.3
    -Impomezia Colors
    -WinDjView 1.0.3
    -NoClose 1.2

    Plug-Ins For Working With Archives (wcx):
    -Bzip2 1.5
    -CHMDir 0.40g
    -InstallExplorer 0.9.1
    -ISO 1.76
    -MhtUnPack 1.0.1

    Plugin Displays General Information (wdx):
    -AudioInfo 1.4.3
    -ShellDetails 1.22

    Plug-Ins To View Information About Files And The Files Themselves (wlx):
    -FileInfo 2.0.10
    -Font 0.09
    -IEView 1.0
    -Imagine 1.0.8 (31.07.10)
    Plugins Imagine:
    -7z 0.0.3
    -Alz 0.0.2
    -HDPhoto 0.0.3
    -HV3 0.0.1
    -JPEG2000 0.0.2
    -Lbm 16.0.17
    -RAR 0.0.2
    -ListDoc 1.20
    -Mmedia 2.4.6
    -Office2007 0.0.4
    -ScrList 1.0
    -SWFView 1.3.4

    -Keyboard Combinations
    -Built-In Commands

    Description Of Programs And Plug-Ins Included In The Assembly:
    Total Commander – File Manager.
    TweakTC – Tweaker, Designed To Configure TC With No Change In The Configuration File Manually.
    AkelPad – Versatile Text Editor With Support For Multiple Plug-Ins.
    7z SFX Archives Divider – A Tool For Division SFX Archives To Produce An Archive 7z, Configuration File And The Module SFX.
    Rar – External Archiver.
    Startup – A Program To Control Startup.
    Impomezia Colors – Utility For Management Styles, Colors File Panel.
    WinDjView – Allowing The Program To Read Formats. Djvu And. Djv.
    NoSlose – Utility Replaces The Standard From TC, To Launch The Console Application Without Closing The Console Window.
    7zip – Work With Archives Of 7z. (.7 Z)
    bzip2 – Working With Archives Bz2, Bzip2, Tar.Bz2, Tar.Bzip2. (. Bz2,. Bzip2,. Tar.Bz2,. Tar.Bzip2)
    CHMDir – Work With References Formats. Chm And. Itss Ability To Create, Retrieve, Delete. (. Chm,. Itss)
    InstallExplorer – Work With The Formats. Exe And. Msi Installers Inno Setup, NSIS, Wise Installer, InstallShield And Others With The Ability To Extract The Contents. (. Exe,. Msi)
    ISO – Work With Disk Images With The Ability To View And Extract Files And Folders. (. Iso,. Bin,. Nrg)
    MhtUnPack – Work With The Format. Mht With The Ability To Retrieve Images, Styles, Css, Page Html. (. Mht,. Mhtml,. Msg,. B64,. Uue)
    MultiArc – Working With Archives, Due To External Archivers. (. Rar,. Zip, .7 Z,. Cab,. Bz2,. Gz,. Tar,. Uha, …)
    AudioInfo – Display Information In Tooltips For Audio Files From The Tags. (. Mp3,. Wav,. Ogg,, Aac,. Ape,. Mpc,. Flac,. Cda,. Wma, …)
    ShellDetails – Display Information For Files, Using All Fields Of The Explorer.
    ArchView – Show Information About The Archives. (. Rar,. Zip, .7 Z,. Cab,. Bz2,. Gz,. Tar,. Lha,. Lzh,. Ace,. Arg, …)
    Excellence – View Spreadsheets Without OpenOffice Calc And MS Excel 97-2003. (. Xls,. Csv,. Ods,. Dbf,. Pxl,. Slk, …)
    FileInfo – View Information About Executables And Libraries. (. Exe,. Dll,. Sys,. Com,. Cpl,. Dat,. Ocx,. Tlb,. Tsp,. Vxd,. Acm,. Ax,. Rs,. Ime,. Iec,. Rll,. Olb)
    Font – Viewing And Working With Fonts. (. Fon,. Ttf,. Ttc)
    IEView – Web Browsing. (. Htm,. Html,. Mht)
    Imagine – View And Edit Any Images With Your Own Plugins. (. Bmp,. Gif,. Png,. Jpeg,. Jpeg,. Ico,. Cur,. Tga,. Tif,. Tiff, …)
    ListDoc – Image Text Documents Without MS Word 97-2003. (. Doc)
    Mmedia – Play Any Audio / Video Files From Codecs And Libraries In WMP. (. Mp3,. Wav,. Ogg,. Aac,. Ape,. Mpc,. Flac,. Avi,. Mpg,. Mpeg,. Mkv,. Mp4,. Mov,. Flv, …)
    Office2007 – Image Text Documents Without MS Word 2007/2010. (. Docx,. Xlsx,. Pptx,. Ppsx)
    SCRList – Image Viewing System Prompts For The Monitor. (. Scr)
    SWFView – View Flash Files. (. Swf)

    OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
    Language : English/Russian

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    Για όσους θέλουν να προσθέσουν την Ελληνική γλώσσα.-

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    Total Commander 8.00 beta 1

    Change Log

    - First version with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
    - Fixed: Could not install parallel port driver for parallel port connection (64)
    - Fixed: Multi-rename tool: When adding fields using the buttons like [N] or [C], the fields were always added at the beginning of the line, not the cursor position (64)
    - Fixed: Search function: Aborting search with ESC no longer worked when cursor was in text input field (64)
    - Fixed: Content plugins: Units were not working correctly (reason: bug in Free Pascal) (64)
    - Fixed: Search for text in archives not working (64)
    - Fixed: Main menu: The menu bar text was a little bit too high compared to the 32-bit version (64)
    - Fixed: Clear 64-bit plugin section in wincmd.ini when installing a new plugin, to force refresh of the list of plugins supporting 64-bit (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lister plugins: WM_COMMAND messages were not forwarded via ListNotificationReceived (64)
    - Added: Unistaller: Show warning that 32-bit version will be removed too (64)
    - Added: Changed name of 64-bit program to totalcm64.exe to allow installation to the same directory as 32-bit version (64)
    - Fixed: Unistaller crashed when trying to recreate icons (fix installation) (64)
    - Fixed: Display of file/drive sizes: Show terabyte separator when showing size in bytes (32/64)
    - Fixed: Pack with Alt+F5, some names containing Unicode characters -> warning dialog was modal to main window, not to progress dialog (32/64)
    - Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Hide subfolder window when scrolling with mouse wheel (64)
    - Fixed: When using the themed progress bar, set the value in a way so the bar jumps immediately to that position (32/64)
    - Added: Show number of bytes handled and total bytes when copying, packing, unpacking (also with plugins) (32/64)
    - Added: Show number of files handled and total files when copying, packing, unpacking (also with plugins) (32/64)
    - Fixed: Show error about unsupported method when trying to unzip archive encrypted with pkware strong encryption method, which is patented (32/64)
    - Fixed: Still some scrolling problems in breadcrumb bar, only after subpanels were open (64)
    - Fixed: Memory leak in new 64-bit packer plugin list function (64)
    - Added: When browsing for plugins, also look for extension with '64' at the end. Cut off the '64' if there is a 32-bit plugin with the same name in the same direcory (64)
    - Added: All 64-bit plugins MUST now have '64' at the end of the extension, e.g. wcx64 (64)
    - Fixed: In various edit boxes in dialogs, pressing ESC caused the default beep (Lazarus bug) (64)
    - Fixed: Support own mouse wheel handling in Lister (only if the system sends wheel messages to Lister) (64)
    - Fixed: Mouse wheel problems (wrong range, hangs) in breadcrumb bar (64)
    - Fixed: Catch floating point exception in date/time compare function in case of invalid timestamps from some network drives (32/64)
    - Fixed: Compare by content: Popup menu shown at wrong position on right click (64)
    - Added: Lister: Show jpg, gif and png images in Lister without plugins also in 32-bit version, via gdi plus (32)
    - Fixed: Edit file from archive: Make sure that TC doesn't jump back to the foreground when the "wait" dialog opens (32/64)
    - Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Search+Replace didn't support a combination of multiple strings (e.g. a|b) (32/64)
    - Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Remove trailing slashes or backslashes from name before renaming (32/64)
    - Fixed: Ctrl+Left/Right arrow not working in button bar (64)
    - Fixed: Checksum to detect plugin section changes was calculated incorrectly, so new plugins were not recognized (64)
    - Fixed: Column headers not drawn correctly with Windows classic theme (64)
    - Fixed: Column headers didn't have left/right borders (64)
    - Fixed: Colors by file type: Skip color filters where the plugin isn't available (64)
    - Fixed: Search function: No rule was opened by default on plugins page (64)
    - Fixed: Breadcrumb bar dropdown window didn't support mouse wheel (64)
    - Fixed: Ctrl+Q quick view panel no longer had the right size (64)
    - Added: Search function (Commands - Search): In field "Search in", a list file can be specified like this: @c:\path\searchfile.txt. The format can be ANSI, UTF-8 or UTF-16 (both with bom). The file must contain one file/dir name per line, absolute or relative (32/64)
    - Added: Multi-rename tool: Use 'a' as number of digits for auto width depending on number of files, e.g. [C:a] or [C10+10:a] (32/64)
    - Added: Added buttons and hotkeys (Ctrl+Arrow up/down) to jump to previous/next wrong checksum in "Verify checksums" dialog (32/64)
    - Fixed: New progress bar handling (speedup) also for packers and packer plugins (32/64)
    - Fixed: After Ctrl+Drag selection, Shift+Click Selection started with the wrong file (32/64)
    - Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] NewTimeZoneMethod=1/0 sets new Windows 7 time zone method (32/64)
    - Added: Windows 7: Use new timestamp display method as in Explorer (32/64)
    - Fixed: Drawing of file lists slow with Lazarus (use GetClipRect to draw only what is needed) (64)
    - Added: Multi-rename tool: Directly accept backslashes in name field (for moving to subfolders) (32/64)
    - Added: Multi-rename tool: Create missing subfolders automatically when renaming. The Undo function will NOT remove these extra folders (32/64)
    - Added: F7 new folder: Remove double quotes around current path, e.g. when user used Ctrl+Enter on a name with spaces (32/64)
    - Added: Search function, go to file: When only one file was found, go to that file, even if it wasn't selected (32/64)
    - Added: Speed up file operations by handling progress bars with a timer (32/64)
    - Fixed: Separate tree lines had wrong (fixed) height (64)
    - Added: Draw new style (Windows Vista/7) expand/collapse icons in tree, make tree lines even lighter (can be disabled completely via ini) (32/64)
    - Fixed: Crash when unpacking from archive to protected dir if the selection was lost while the user account control dialog was shown (32/64)
    - Fixed: FTP connect could sometimes hang until the mouse was moved (64)
    - Fixed: Drag&Drop to a tab with a ZIP file not working when that tab was locked with the zip file as the locked directory (32/64)
    - Fixed: Selecting a word in "compare by content" by double clicking not working correctly with UTF-8 non-English (e.g. Russian) (32/64)
    - Added: Only show packer, file system and content plugins which are really available in 64-bit form (64)
    - Added: 64-bit self-extractor for installer (64)
    - Added: 64-bit installer, uninstaller and lzma dll (64)
    - Fixed: Command select dialog: The filter edit box did not have the focus (64)
    - Fixed: Make sure the file list isn't reloaded while inplace rename is asking user for new name due to rename error (32/64)
    - Fixed: Crash when connecting to FTPS due to bad/outdated openssl dlls (32/64)
    - Fixed: Crash on sending WM_USER+51 with wParam=1003 (cm_Properties) to TC while it does NOT have the focus (32/64)
    - Fixed: Compare by content: Crash when closing compare window during "Recompare from here" (or choosing "Recompare from here" again) (32/64)
    - Added: Copy from FTP or virtual folders (e.g. the desktop) to file system plugins (32/64)
    - Added: Show warning about ZIP>4GB only once when packing multiple files/folders >4GB with option "Create separate archives...", not for each archive (32/64)
    - Fixed: Copy to protected folder, overwrite file: "Rename target" and "Auto-rename target" not working with new default copy method (32/64)
    - Fixed: Cursor image wrong or hidden after dragging tab in tab header to other position or other panel (64)
    - Fixed: Shift+F4 input dialog too small (64)
    - Fixed: Could not resize columns in "Synchronize dirs" and the multi-rename tool (64)
    - Fixed: Could not sort list in "Synchronize dirs" (64)
    - Fixed: Groupbox controls did not react to Alt+Letter hotkeys (Lazarus bug) (64)
    - Fixed: Compare by content: Scrolling horizontally in edit mode (with right/left cursor keys) left remainders of the caret (64)
    - Fixed: Packer plugins: Selection not removed after packing, but only if plugin supports background operations like 7zip (32/64)
    - Fixed: ZIP/TAR packer: do not follow ininite loops caused by NTFS junctions (32/64)
    - Fixed: Branch view (Ctrl+B): do not follow ininite loops caused by NTFS junctions (32/64)
    - Fixed: Copy function: Could not detect infinite loops caused by NTFS junctions if the junction contained a short 8.3 name (e.g. DIRECT~1) (32/64)
    - Fixed: cm_SrcSortByColX commands: Ignore Ctrl and Shift modifier keys when using the command via a hotkey (32/64)
    - Fixed: Brief view: could not sort columns by clicking on them (64)
    - Fixed: On PC with slow virus scanner, trying to load settings in search twice (by double clicking twice on two entries) could cause a crash (32/64)
    - Fixed: Show background copy dialog on same screen as Total Commander, not on main screen (32/64)
    - Fixed: Synchronize dirs with FTP: Compare two files by content, edit file on FTP side, re-upload -> list was not refreshed if file in subdir because of slash/backslash mismatch (32/64)
    - Added: Made browse for folder dialog resizable, e.g. in synchronize dirs (32/64)
    - Fixed: Synchronize dirs with FTP: make sure that all backslashes are replaced by slashes in CWD command (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Move window to main screen on load if position was saved on second screen which is not connected (32/64)
    - Fixed: Don't show error "Insert Disk 0" for some ZIP files with zip64 central header (32/64)
    - Fixed: Main window was re-enabled by mistake after using quick search in synchronize dirs (32/64)
    - Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] NetHoodReadInfo= set options for reading nethood: 1:GetAttributesOf, 2: SHGetDataFromIDList, 3:both (32/64)
    - Fixed: Speed up reading of nethood in Windows 7 by not calling GetAttributesOf and SHGetDataFromIDList (32/64)
    - Fixed: Shift+Enter not working properly with files in archives (32/64)
    - Fixed: Search for text on FTP server: Aborting download didn't abort search, but the download of all other files was immediately cancelled (32/64)
    - Fixed: Main configuration dialog: Font may be wrong on Copy/Move page directly after changing font for dialogs and Apply (32/64)
    - Fixed: Use WNetGetUser to verify whether a network connection already exists or not - if it does, do not call WNetAddConnection3 again to avoid problems with Windows server 2008 (32/64)
    - Fixed: Quick search with AltGr: First character typed after releasing AltGr may be ignored (32/64)
    - Fixed: FTPS (FTP over SSL): "Always trust this server" was only working for certain self-signed certificates -> use SHA1 hash to recognize cert (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lazarus combobox with dropped down list: ENTER or ESC closed entire dialog box instead of just closing the dropped down part (64)
    - Fixed: Wrong sort order after unpacking from plugin when option "add new files at end" was checked, the files were overwritten (reason: the list of changes was not cleared when re-reading the dir) (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Support line lengths > 8192 characters
    - Fixed: Breadcrumb bar dropdown menu could show up when opening the button bar context menu and closing it with the mouse over the breadcrumb bar (32/64)
    - Fixed: ZIP packer: Add archive attribute only to files, not to folders, just as when copying (32/64)
    - Fixed: Minimize to tray during unpacking of multiple archives -> progress bar in tray remained at 100% when done (32/64)
    - Fixed: Copy/Delete progress dialog: Minimize didn't work (64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Resizing of window not handled correctly, because Lister handles WM_SIZE by itself (64)
    - Fixed: Configuration dialog: Color combobox for other items showing numbers instead of colors (64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Copy URL to clipboard not working correctly (64)
    - Fixed: Unregistered version: Nag screen appeared behind main window (64)
    - Fixed: Groupbox "Packer" in Alt+F5 pack dialog too small when no plugin was installed (64)
    - Fixed: Cursor position not updated when right clicking on a file just to select it (64)
    - Fixed: Crash when minimizing to tray (64)
    - Fixed: Auto-install plugins: Don't show warning about already installed plugin if the plugin directory was removed (but the plugin is still in the plugin list) (32/64)
    - Fixed: Copy in background with F5-F2: Prevent user from closing current tab (e.g. with Ctrl+W) until the background transfer has all the files (32/64)
    - Fixed: Multi-part unrar: Progress bar could sometimes jump to 100% (when unrar.dll calls ProgressProc with Size=0) (32/64)
    - Fixed: FTP over HTTP: Only file sizes up to 2 GB supported when the server reported the size in kBytes or MBytes (32/64)
    - Fixed: FTP over HTTP crash when proxy has empty password (due to bad implementation of strnew in free pascal) (64)
    - Fixed: Various dialog box item sizes (32/64)
    - Added: Support checksum file names sha256sum and sha256sums
    - Fixed: Support cheksum formats SHA1 (filename) = checksum and SHA256 (filename) = checksum
    - Fixed: File system plugin interface: high dword of size field was not supported for folders
    - Fixed: Button bar: Parameter field was limited to 259 characters -> increased to 2047 (2 kbyte minus terminating 0) (32/64)
    - Fixed: Show '?' instead of time stamp when zip contains invalid timestamp data (32/64)
    - Fixed: Alt+F1/F2 drive list: Handle case where Windows returns "(D:) label" for removable drives: remove the (D:) part (32/64)
    - Fixed: cm_switchlongnames not working on Windows 9x/ME (32)
    - Fixed: FTP download from list hangs with invalid URL twice in list, e.g. "http //" -> make auto-reconnect abortable (32/64)
    - Fixed: Recognize chrome extensions (.crx) as zip, they start with special header beginning with 'Cr24' (32/64)
    - Fixed: Move in background (F6-F2) moved everything in subdirs even when using "Only files of this type" option was set (32/64)
    - Fixed: Unpack from plugins: Directory attributes were not unpacked (32/64)
    - Fixed: Accept Shift+Enter also in delete confirmation dialog on ftp servers (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Look for encoding="other than utf-8" and turn not on UTF-8 when found (32/64)
    - Finished porting to 64-bit, resume normal bug fix operations

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    Total Commander 8.00 beta 2

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    Total Commander 8.00 beta 3


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    Total Commander 8.0 beta 4:

    - Fixed: Configuration - Save position saved tab positions incorrectly, off by a few pixels (64)
    - Fixed: Main menu could be bad after switching theme on and off (64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Search for text with caret (text cursor) enabled -> caret at wrong position when list was scrolled sideways to show the result (64)
    - Fixed: Tab key no longer working in edit control in dialog boxes (64)
    - Fixed: Crash when turning off auto-complete and auto-append (64)
    - Fixed: When using branch view of selected files/folders and "watch directory changes", do not show files IN THE BASE DIRECTORY which do not belong to the selection when they show up later (32/64)
    - Fixed: Shortcut keys not shown in synchronize dirs right click menu (with Windows Vista/7 themes only) (64)
    - Fixed: Get tab background color via GetPixel because IsThemePartDefined fails to detect whether a tab header theme supports the new Vista/7 style or not (64)
    - Fixed: Crash when Lazarus does not return any current monitor (=nil) when centering dialogs (64)
    - Fixed: "Minimize to tray" and "only one instance" problems: TC was not correctly restored from tray when starting a second copy (64)
    - Fixed: Multi-rename tool, search+replace: support * at the beginning, e.g. to replace all characters up to a certain letter (x), use *x (32/64)
    - Added: Updated unrar.dll and unrar64.dll to latest version 4.x (32/64)
    - Fixed: No cursor when moving mouse over breadcrumb bar after drag&drop was passing over the bar (64)
    - Fixed: Main menu, no themes: Draw as a button (instead of highlighted text) if SPI_GETFLATMENU returns false (64)
    - Fixed: Search window was shown without status line when opened in full screen mode BEFORE starting the search (64)
    - Fixed: Confirming overwrite dialog with ENTER confirmed the next one too by mistake (64)
    - Fixed: Shift+Click on a selected file in the file lists could select the wrong range if the user clicked before on an already selected file (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lister: animated GIF not updated properly when zoomed (fit to window) (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Avoid flickering by using double buffering also with themes turned off (64)
    - Fixed: Locale set to e.g. Korean or Chinese -> choosing font with non-English name not working in main and Lister configuration dialogs (64)
    - Fixed: Vista 64-bit only: Crash on exit, caused by subclassing of command line for auto-complete -> remove subclass before closing (64)
    - Fixed: pluginbasedir in wincmd.ini could be set incorrectly when auto-installing a plugin (string handling bug in Lazarus (if p>buffer is always false) (64)
    - Added: wincmd.ini[Lister] GifMinDelay=80 minimum delay between animated gif frames in milliseconds (default: 80) - change effective without restart (32/64)
    - Fixed: LB_GETTEXT/LB_GETTEXTLEN messages not working in various listboxes, including the main panels (64)
    - Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Remove all trailing backslashes from new name (32/64)
    - Fixed: Search function, tab "Load/Save": Unicode was not supported in status line (e.g. search for) (64)
    - Fixed: Search function, tab "Load/Save" still showed only English characters just after saving a new item (64)
    - Fixed: Brief view: Footer not always updated, e.g. when pressing insert on last file in list (64)
    - Fixed: Overwrite dialog: Thumbnails from quadratic images were overlapping the X and V icons (64)
    - Fixed: Quick view (Ctrl+Q) not resized correctly when maximizing the main window (64)
    - Fixed: Quick view (Ctrl+Q): Centered images were at the wrong position when quick view was first opened (64)
    - Fixed: Quick view (Ctrl+Q): Small centered images could still be moved a bit with the cursor keys (64)
    - Added: Use double buffering to draw GDI+ images (JPG, GIF, PNG) without flickering, also handles transparent animated GIFs correctly (32/64)
    - Fixed: Compare by content: a small black square was shown at the bottom between the two panels, because the split panel between the two was 2 pixels too high (64)
    - Fixed: Cursor shape changed again to "Drop not allowed" when starting with fresh wincmd.ini and changing to other directory via double click (64)
    - Fixed: Wrong handle value FFFFFFFF instead of INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE was passed to packer plugin callbacks SetProcessDataProc and SetChangeVolProc when packing (64)
    - Fixed: Vertical line to the left of \ .. buttons in the drive dropdown list bar wasn't drawn (64)
    - Fixed: totalcmd64.exe process not terminating after closing standalone USB server (64)
    - Fixed: TCUsbRun.exe could not launch 64-bit Total Commander (64)
    - Fixed: Standalone USB server no longer starting (because trying to center it on non-existent parent form fails) (64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Could not set any user-defined codepage (64)
    - Fixed: Menu hotkey handling: Jump between multiple menu items with the same hotkey (defined via '&'), also handle menu items with no '&' (64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Caret (text cursor) position not updated when scrolling by dragging the vertical scrollbar thumb (64)
    - Fixed: Multi-rename tool, option [N#-#]: The entire string length was returned when selecting with Shift+Cursor keys + Enter (reason: Enter selects entire string) (64)
    - Fixed: Tri-state checkboxes like in "change attributes" when multiple files are selected: The order of the 3 states when clicking was different from 32-bit (64)
    - Fixed: Lister: Set minimum delay time of 80 ms for animated gifs, this seems to match the speed in browsers like Firefox (32/64)
    - Fixed: A press on F5 in the pack dialog with only name with quotes (e.g. zip:"pack") selected also the starting quote (32/64)
    - Fixed: A press on F5 in the copy or pack dialog didn't select the entire line when name+extension were selected (64)
    - Added: wincmd.ini [Colors] TreeTriangles=0 allows to revert to [+] icons in tree to expand/collapse branches (32/64)
    - Added: Tree: Show old [+] icons by default when user has set a different color for tree lines (32/64)
    - Fixed: Lister English menu contained some test characters by mistake (64

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    Total Commander 8.0 beta 5 for Windows released

    October 14, 2011: Total Commander 8.0 beta 5 is now available for download. This version is available both in 32-bit and 64-bit. Warning: This is a beta version! Please use it only for test purposes! Since 32-bit plugins cannot be used by 64-bit programs, they need to be converted first. Therefore there will not be many plugins available initially for 64-bit. If you use plugins extensively, you should keep using the 32-bit version. You can install both in parallel to the same directory. Just install the 32-bit version before the 64-bit version, otherwise uninstalling the 32-bit version will damage the 64-bit version.

    32-bit (Windows 95 up to Windows 7, 32-bit AND 64-bit!)
    64-bit (Windows XP,Vista and 7, ONLY 64-bit!)

    32-bit (Windows 95 up to Windows 7, 32-bit

    64-bit (Windows 95 up to Windows 7, 64-bit

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    Total Commander 8.0 Beta 6 Portable (x86/x64)

    Total Commander (former Wincmd) is a file manager for Windows similar to the Windows Explorer. But Total Commander uses a different approach: it has two fixed windows side by side like a well-known file manager for DOS.

    Features :
    Two file windows side by side
    Multiple language and Unicode support
    Enhanced search function
    Compare files (now with editor) / synchronize directories
    Quick View panel with bitmap display
    ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
    Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
    Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
    Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history+favorites buttons
    Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search
    Compare editor, cursor in lister, separate trees, logging, enhanced overwrite dialog etc.
    Unicode names almost everywhere, long names (]259 characters), password manager for ftp and plugins, synchronize empty dirs, 64 bit context menu, quick file filter (Ctrl+S)
    New: USB port connection via special direct transfer cable, partial branch view (Ctrl+Shift+B), and many imporvements to ftp, synchronizing and other functions
    And many more!
    OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
    Language : Multilingual

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    Απ: Total Commander

    Total Commander 8.0 beta 14 (32+64 bit) for Windows released

    Total Commander 8.0 beta 14 is now available for download. This version is available both in 32-bit and 64-bit. Warning: This is a beta version! Please use it only for test purposes! Since 32-bit plugins cannot be used by 64-bit programs, they need to be converted first. Therefore there will not be many plugins available initially for 64-bit. If you use plugins extensively, you should keep using the 32-bit version. You can install both in parallel to the same directory. Just install the 32-bit version before the 64-bit version, otherwise uninstalling the 32-bit version will damage the 64-bit version.

    32-bit (Windows 95 up to Windows 7, 32-bit AND 64-bit!)
    64-bit (Windows XP,Vista and 7, ONLY 64-bit!)

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    Απ: Total Commander

    Total Commander 8.0 beta 20 and 7.57 rc2 for Windows released!

    17.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content dialog not shown correctly with right to left language when starting with 2 panels above each other (64)
    16.02.12 Fixed: Move file with F6 - F2 to a directory which didn't exist yet -> focus could get lost (32)
    16.02.12 Fixed: Shift+Tab in left panel with no separate tree panel -> input went to right drive list by mistake (64)
    15.02.12 Fixed: TC wasn't following hard links (junctions) any more which were located on a remote network drive (32/64)
    15.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Turn off drawing while pasting a large amount of data (more than 1 kByte) (32/64)
    14.02.12 Fixed: Save search results: Overwriting a saved search would list the item twice if there were accents in the name (64)
    14.02.12 Fixed: Only partially: Ctrl+A in command line after choosing item from auto-suggest would not select anything. Note: Due to some obscure Windows bug, the command line may be emptied by Ctrl+A (32/64)
    14.02.12 Fixed: Printing and print setup not working in Lister and Print directory list when printer name contained accents (64)
    14.02.12 Fixed: tcuninst.exe didn't remove the newly added unrar9x.dll (32)
    10.02.12 Fixed: Internal associations and color dialogs were too small (but could be resized) (64)


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