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Thread: Darckstar2-Modlonas-V7-CCcam-MboX-NewCS

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    Image for: Dm500s/IboX500s

    Mbox Version: 023.4.r (MboxG)
    CCcam Version: 2.1.3 (best)
    NewCS Version: 1.67_RC1

    Utilities added: Borraoffs, Per_resolver and the Pal BorraFakes cthulhufhtagn, pinguino_rh waitpid0000 of Pal, and some other added stats script

    Plugins added: Ptest (peer-screen info) Mbox Center (Mbox statistics in real time) CCcam Info (CCcam statistics in real time) Ngrab (to record the programming they are viewing)

    There have been many changes over previous versions so that we will not remember all these changes, in this case have been further amended many internal things in the picture but due to time (and win lol) I will not to put them now,

    What if you can be clear is that this image comes to exceed its previous version ....

    . [Mbox] + CCcam + NewCS. ___ Share by 2, just watch for Mbox and Newcs card reader. (RECOMMENDED)
    . Mbox + [CCcam] + NewCS. ____compartir by 2, and just watch for CCcam Newcs card reader.
    . Mbox + [CCcam]. _____compartir by 2, just watch for CCcam
    . [Mbox] + CCcam. _____compartir by 2, just watch for Mbox
    . Mbox + NewCS. Mbox + _____ only Newcs card reader.
    . CCcam + NewCS. _____solo CCcam + Newcs card reader.
    . Mbox. Watch & Share _____ just for Mbox
    . CCcam. Watch & Share _____ just for CCcam

    you have to put the same in the CCcam.cfg as in CCcamMbox.cfg,
    otherwise no ....., will share anything that is if you add a peer in CCcam also have to add CCcamMbox.cfg like you do in CCcam.cfg not forget ...

    Remember DreamUp always install it first, otherwise it will be black screen.

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    Ενα απο τα ποιο καλα για αυτον τον δεκτη.

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