Version: 20110717-r0

Version 1.3 (git20110213)

Changes: Timerlists don't get uploaded anymore on every update
Changes: Submit Event-Description
Changes: Updated LICENSE File

Version 1.2 (git20110212)

Changes: Improved Error-Handling when internet connection not available anymore
Changes: Use Random Update Interval of 15-60 seconds to reduce load on webserver

Version 1.1

Changes: Added "Movie Charts" to Yellow-Button.
Changes: Changed width of TV-Charts Window a little bit.
Changes: Small performance improvement when rendering charts-list.
Changes: Apply Bouquetfilter to Timer-Charts (not finished yet).
Changes: Fixed bad character encoding with umlauts.
Changes: Fixed wrong event starttime submitted to webserver when enabled record-margin-time.

Version 1.0

Changes: Fixed Downloading Feeds was very slow since v0.9.
Changes: Added Network-Status Check before doing updates.
Changes: Filter out bad characters in Channelnames.
Changes: Bouquet-Filter enabled by default now.

Version 0.9

Changes: Several Bouquet-Filter Bugfixes
Changes: Show User Online Stats in Title

Version 0.8

Added optional bouquet filter to filter out channels that are not in your bouquets
Pressing INFO Button will show EPG Info of selected event
Pressing OK Button in Timerlist will open "Add Timer" Menu to add timer to your box.

Version 0.7

No Status-Update when Box is in standby mode
Fixed Event-Limit from settings was not used on first refresh of TV-Charts
Fixed small bug in the function that replaces channelnames with those from user bouquets

Version 0.6

Make Status Update on Event-Change
Use Twisted-Web for Data-Upload to Webserver for better performance
Parse user-bouquets to search for favorite channel for this event
Fixed GreenScreen when trying to create timer in timercharts (still doesn't work yet!)

Version 0.5

Changed Update Interval from 5 to 15 minutes
Filter out disabled- and zap-timers before upload
Changed the data upload method from HTTP GET to HTTP POST to be able to handle large timerlists
Added Option to Settings menu to set Max-Timerlist Entries

Version 0.4

Added TimerCharts Screen with Toplist of upcoming Record-Timers
Added Settings Menu to configure Max-Toplist Entries and enable/disable timerlist upload

Version 0.3

Added ZAP function to OK Button to zap to selected channel
Set Limit to Top Channels from 10 to 15
Bugfix: Fixed "import eEnv error" on older images

Version 0.2

Added Picon Support
Bugfix: Fixed uninstall script removed my PTS Plugin instead TV Charts

Version 0.1

First Release
Dreambox DM500HD:

Dreambox DM8000:

Dreambox DM800SE:

Dreambox DM800: