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Thread: CuBiC e2 Image experimental Vu Uno

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    CuBiC e2 Image experimental Vu Uno

    CuBiC experimental Image 1.0 svn18 oe1.6 Vu+ Uno

    Git Checkout 15.07.2011
    Enigma2/dvbapp 15.07.2011
    Enigma2/dvbapp Plugins 15.07.2011
    Enigma2/dvbapp Skins 15.07.2011
    Enigma2/dvbapp Streamproxy 15.07.2011
    AIO Grab 15.07.2011
    libdreamdvd 15.07.2011
    Driver (VU) from 08.07.2011
    Driver (Dream) from 06.05.2011

    From CuBiC Team:

    New: Add RT73 Driver
    New: Image Update over CuBiC Center (First Test)
    New: CuBiC Device/Mount Manager "Thanks to openee for Base code"
    New: Swapfile on /media/usb over Device/Mount Manager
    New: Bootlogo
    New: CuBiC Newsfeed Reader
    New: Backup and Restore - Settings
    New: Multilang Support for the CuBiC Center - (EN , DE)
    New: Infobarfading (THX to gutemine for Infobarhide)
    New: CuBiC Center supports now XD and HD Skins
    Fixed: CuBiC Skin Fixes
    Update: Streamproxy
    Update: AIO Grab
    Update: libdreamdvd
    Update: Crashlogremover (removes now enigma2-crashlog files from /media/hdd and media/usb)
    Change: CuBiC Skin has new Font (Essai.ttf)
    Removed: fstab Editor
    Various patches in the settings
    Picons under /media/usb/
    Cubic Cam Feed
    Emu scripts are now in /usr /camscript and the emus we put in /usr /bin/
    Cubic Tools menu (backup settings, offline installer, system info, Addon Manager, Cam menu, change the root password, delete all CrashLogs)
    Cubic Conveter and renderer
    gbox Support
    Encryption indicator (CO I S N V …)
    Share Info Display (hops, ECM …)
    Cam display (CCcam 2.2.1 or scam3.59 etc.)
    Gui Restart the Image menu
    Fix umlauts in some menus
    Smargo / USB Mouse Support
    IPK Installation from /media/usb /media/hdd oder /tmp

    Integrated Addons:


    Info from DaCube Dev Team:

    We would like to collect Bugs and fill the online Feed in the next weeks.
    In September we will take up the development for the Next Release.
    A BugTracker is soon available. There can her announce wishes, mistakes!

    USB-Download => CuBiC experimental Image 1.0 svn18 oe1.6
    nfi-Download => CuBiC experimental Image 1.0 svn18 oe1.6

    Thx aguda for the Link´s
    Bavaria the real Germany
    I Love my Dreambox DM7020HD

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    CuBiC experimental Image 1.0.1 oe1.6

    CuBiC Image for DM500hd, DM800, DM800se, DM8000, VUDuo, VUUno, VUSolo

    Changelog 1.0.1:

    Secondstageloader 84 (DM500hd, DM800, DM800se, DM8000)
    Driver Updated
    ImageUpdate function removed - with the 1.2.0 comes a new function and we will make the Updates over our Server
    little Fixes
    little Changes to make Performance better
    New Bootlogo - THX Nase

    This is an Mini Update!
    We will start directly a new Development for the new Version 1.2.0

    Info over CuBiC 1.2.0:
    more skins - We will make some skins from original feed compatible for CuBiC
    more stability - We will show and fix the most issues
    own DistUpdate server - We will use an own Dist update Server
    own Settings Server and many more....


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