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    Benfica Image- Hispasat Ready - Sat4fun Backup - 30-08-2011

    Based on Nemesis 2.3 SVN 091-dm800-22-08-2011-ramiMAHER #ssl82

    -Update Kernel for all Machine
    -Update dreambox-dvb-modules for all Machine (20110821) modified
    -Update v4l-dvb-modules for all Machine
    -Add check for original HW (by @gutemine)
    -Add more function on enigma2
    -Update crossepg to svn 306
    -Update enigma2 modified
    -Update enigma2-plugins
    SIM 201 Flash backup
    CCcam Info v 1.3c
    VLC player mfarj57
    EDG Extra URL
    Hispasat Settings 21/08 /11
    Spinner fans
    media player mfaraj57
    Emus Installed

    CCcam 2.2.1
    MGcamD 1.3.5a

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    Power of Dream HD OE 1.6 CrossEPG Edition for DM 800SE 27.08.11 by sat4fun

    For clones DM800HDse sim210 only

    installation in internal flash or in multiboot

    new patching solution with latest original drivers

    bootlogo by Benkurd and aguda

    Extra install

    -Tspanel 3.5
    -Live football 3.2
    -Gp2 flash backup ssl82


    - Cccam 2.2.1
    - Cccam 2.1.3
    - Cccam 2.2.1/New CS 1.67
    - Cccam 2.1.3/New CS 1.67
    - Cccam 2.2.1/Oscam 1.00
    - Cccam 2.1.3/Oscam 1.00

    manage your cams by installed latest Gemini3 0.37-r9

    2 Skins

    Elgato HD active

    Vhannibal Setting Motor settings from 27.08

    Tested working functions:

    video player
    time shift
    software and extension manager

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Do not forget saving your settings from software manager before flashing any new image

    Thanks Benkurd and aguda for nice bootlogos

    Have fun sat4fun The Sat World Together

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