Clarke-Tech MOD 1.3 Image

for ET5000

based: OPENPLI Nightly Build 30.06.2011

Clarke-Tech Enhancements for the completely modular Image
- Clarke-Tech HD Lava Skin
- Clarke-Tech Bootlogos and Radio Logo
- Clarke-Tech Panel (available with Multilanguagesupport - English / German)

Please see attached Screenshoots for a short overview of all Parameters

- Best Sysinfopanel (Complete Overview of Systemparameters)
- HDMI-CEC Support via Plugin
- Sundtek USB-DVB/C/T/S2 Support

- WLAN fixes and Support for 80211b/g/n Ralink based USB-Dongles (RT73 RT3070 and RT8712u)

- Running "broken" Shellscript (as Cronjobs) will work
- Acousticpatch (needs a HDD that supports acoustic parameter consult HDD manufacturer for this)

- Blindscan Support

Plugins added

- AutoResolution (disabled by Default)
- CrossEPG (disabled by Default)
- CoolTVGuide 4.0 (thx Coolman)
-EnhancedMovieCenter (Thx Coolman)
- DVDPlayer

Specialized version of Multiquickbutton for Clarke-Tech ET5000
To make use of all extra buttons on Remotecontrol and several new World-exclusive Features like the 3D-Mode Button.

You can also (re)-assign the buttons mentioned completely by yourself. See Button Mappings for further details.

Button Mappings:


Short: Instant record
Long: Record Selection


Short: Subservice Selection
Long: Open Plugin Browser

Yellow (Wold exclusive)

Short: 3D Mode Selection (Side-by-side)
Long: Choicebox for 3D-Mode Top and Bottom and Switch 4:3 (Pillarbox) (Pan and Scan)


Short: Open Clarke-Tech CTPanel
Long: Open InfoBar Extension Selection

Channel up/Down Button:

Assigned to work as labeled on Remote Control

Cross left: Bouqetlist
Cross right: Open servicelist
Cross up: Listchannelzap +
Cross down: Listchannelzap -

Timer Button:

Short Timer
Long Timereditor

Playlist Button

Short: Mediaplayer
Long: DVDPlayer


Open Recorded Movielist

Search Button

Short: CoolTVGuide

Mark Button

Short: Dolby Digital Downmix on/off

Guide Button

Short: InfoBar EventView
Long: Graphical Multi EPG

Full Update via OpenPli Update Feed

Included Update Frontpanel Fix 1.1 R3
Included Driver Update 27.06.2011

Spezial thanks:

ET-Series Product Potal for the great driver updates
scope34 for the CT 1.1 image

Cheers, Babsy98