PKT mod svn618 RC USB for IPBox 99xxHD/55HD

Mod PKT svn 618

- Additional changes made by jirkaS: new kernel, improved operation of the PIP, PIG, and improved performance erste HD, ZDF HD

Changelog PKT

- Code optimization and improving the speed (in fact very much has been written from scratch. The new converter, renderers, etc)
- New version EmuManager
- New version Skinsetup
- New version ChannelControle
- New version KeyMapper - added support for the EPG key
Added possibility to choose the information displayed on the front
panel: instead of the current channel name can be selected in addition:
the same channel number + name.
- Amendments VidBrowser
- Amendments crossEPG
- Amendments MyTube
- Amendments Webif
- Amendments GraphEPG - added support for Page Up / Down + channel incorporation by pressing OK
- Amendments skins
- Skin SilverHD - added info BER
- Update Picon
- Reorganization of the MENU
- PIP support directly through the remote control keys.

[Notes on handling CAM]
menu -> Configuration -> System -> Configuration you can ostawienia fake_CA1
settings for individual emu:
no - one head support for use of CA1 CAM - mbox oscam of boxtype = IPBox
ca0 - one head support for use of ca0 CAM - mgcamd, oscam of boxtype = ufs910
CA1 - dual heads for CAMów using CA1 - oscam of boxtype = IPBox (default)

[Note change information on the VFD]
To change the information displayed on the VFD for watching a TV channel, enter:
advanced mode and options display Front panel can now choose to show
herself channel name, channel number or the number + name

Additionally, in standby FrontPanel option allows you to enable or disable the front panel Standby

[Notes PIP]
Now, the PIP can be run directly using the remote control keys. You do not need to walk in Extensions. Keys are assigned to the second row from the bottom. However the key responsible for changing the aspect ratio was changed this in the lower left corner of the remote control.

[Channel Controle] to start, we need to assign the call to a key KeyMapper: red or green - depending on your preference.

Volume level: the volume of the channel - the value of 0 means no change to the level
Aspect Ratio: image format, the value of Default means that the image has a format as it is in the settings chosen AV