HDF-Teamimage v1.1 18.06.2011

Unpack the RAR file directly to a USB stick, plug it in and reboot the switch at the receiver.
During startup, the power button several times until the flash process will begin.

Are contained in the image:
- HDF Toolbox
- Web Interface with LiveTV
- 2 HD skins (ElgatoHD and ValiHD)
- Permanent timeshift
- Weather Plugin
- Zap History Plugin
- Automatic Volume Adjust
- Own Addon-Server
- Various adjustments Python
- Changed key mapping
- Boot logo, etc.

General information:
In the HDF, the toolbox extensions, which are outsourced Enigma2 with subfolders and the rush to USB / HDD.
It is then created on the HDD or USB ipbox a folder in the other folders are.
The swap is necessary because of the flash IPBox not really big.
Some add-ons from the server (eg picons) can also be a swap after install the Flash not to blow.
The image also runs smoothly without outsourcing. 6MB Flash are free to store the EPG data.

EMUs and softcams:
The configs are in / var / keys and in / etc.
MGcamd Oscam and can be installed from the add-on extensions.

On the addon server are some skins, plugins, Cams and current picons available.
An important and executable plugin should then be missing the nachgeflegt on request.