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    VPS-Plugin Version 0.3

    The VPS-plugin can determine whether a mission begins earlier or lasts longer than the timer is programmed. For this, the channels provide reliable data.

    - Each timer can be enabled VPS
    - Evaluation of the Running status of a program (not running, starts in a few seconds, pausing, running)
    - Enter the VPS / PDC time possible
    - Control-flow time (eg 10 minutes before the actual beginning of the recording captures the plugin to the monitoring of running status)
    - Recordings can be completely controlled by the sender information, ie the programmed timer periods are not observed.

    The channels provide reliable data? (Running status)
    ARD and ZDF to provide for their shipments usually an accurate running status.
    Sky delivers (for the Sky-owned channels and some non-transmitters) are often an accurate running status. Unlike ARD / ZDF, the (program) advertising before / after a show but as a "running" is specified.

    The private stations adjust their status to not running when a program starts earlier or is coated. The VPS function should therefore not be turned on when recording from the private sector.
    Exceptions seem to be TV DMAX and Servus.

    What is VPS-time?
    ARD and ZDF state in their EPG data, the VPS-time (PDC descriptor).
    The VPS time should be the starting time published in magazines. ZDF is the time to on their website and Teletext.
    be specified for manual timer programming, the VPS time when you turn the VPS function.
    The VPS time can find the plugin, the event ID of the item and can then begin the evaluation of the Running status. When programming via the EPG must not VPS time be specified because, in the case already saved an event ID in the timer.

    This looks for the plug after the VPS time, no name for the timer must be specified. The Name and Description fields are filled in by the plugin if a program of the VPS time is found.

    What does complete control of broadcasting information?
    When this feature is enabled (in the plugin settings and the timer!), Then the plugin can start recording only when the mission is stated as "running", and ends the timer when the Running status to "not running "is set. In that case, the programmed timer periods are therefore not considered for inclusion. The start time of the timer should be programmed but still correct, since this time will be used for this, from when the plug begins to monitor the timer.

    The disadvantage of the function is that the program möglicherwise or not taken wrong, when the station is giving incorrect information. This is even on ARD / ZDF irregular times the case.

    If the function is not used, then considered the plugin the programmed start and end time and can start recording only if, sooner or run longer, never shorter.

    Lead-Time Control
    The plugin by default starts 10 minutes before the actual start of recording to monitor the running status.

    If no free tuner is there, then tried the plugin on the current transponder / channel for information search. ARD will broadcast e.g. on their transponders and EPG information from ZDF and vice versa. However, it is expected with a slight delay.
    For timers that are to be controlled by the sender information on the plugin if necessary in order for the lead time on the included transmitter.

    The plugin is installed like any other.
    To use the functions must be changed two files (/ usr/lib/enigma2/python/ and / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/ The files will be patched automatically by the plugin.

    Enigma has to be restarted after installation. Maybe even twice.
    Thx to sftg
    The settings are the plugin menu - to find> VPS-plugin -> Settings -> System.
    The VPS-plugin is to be regarded as experimental.



    version 0.2 of the VPS-ins.

    - minor bug fixes
    - Improved support for the PDC descriptor (VPS time for manually programmed timers)
    - Entries in the timer log (if necessary to better understand what makes the plugin)
    - in deep-standby: Dreambox start early to have the control-flow period of the VPS-ins to be

    Thx to sftg

    Version 0.3

    - Patches no longer necessary to Enigma Files
    - VPS can be enabled by default on new timers
    - _ () or gettext is now used, with which the texts are translatable (formerly German / English)

    An upgrade to the 0.3 patch (on the files / usr/lib/enigma2/python/ and / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/ reversed.
    To be on the safe side, making an upgrade, but first uninstall the previous version and then install the new one.

    The uninstall goes through telnet with the command:

    opkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-vps

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    Version 0.4

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    VPS-Plugin v0.5

    There is a new version (0.5):

    - Search for related events (improved PDC support)
    Sports programs for example be at ARD / ZDF frequently interrupted by messages. EPG in the broadcast will appear on your part as 1 and 2, in between the messages. The plugin can see that part go together 1 / 2 and take on both. The detection is done by the PDC-descriptor, ie For both parties the same VPS time is transmitted. Existing timers are of course taken into account. If so you have always created timer for both parties will not be included twice.

    - PDC check on all new timers
    Even with timers that are programmed via the EPG, the plugin now checks whether the sender has a PDC-descriptor in the EPG. When a PDC Descr. exist, then it's already a good sign that the station will provide reliable data in the Running status.
    If the descriptor is not there, ask for the plugin, if VPS is to be really activated. They should inform themselves in advance whether the station provides reliable data (see text information in the plugin or here in the thread). You can also choose to be on this station does not want to be asked.

    - Behavior of "VPS default to enable" changed
    When turned on, VPS is pre-activated only at stations where it has previously been activated at some point even manually VPS. VPS is pre-activated so as not essentially all new timers.

    I think this is a good compromise for those who wanted to have a channel list in the plugin. The plugin must either have previously recognized that the sender transmits a PDC-descriptor, or you must have selected that one at the station no longer wants to be asked if VPS is to be really activated.

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