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Thread: PC-Tool Bouquet Editor Suite

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    PC-Tool Bouquet Editor Suite

    PC-Tool Bouquet Editor Suite v1.2b

    Feature: Streaming server to stream video to your smartphone/computer over internet
    Feature: Complete rewrite of the streaming function for VLC > 1.0.5 (better quality and more features)
    Feature: Infobar and epg now work with Windows XP too
    Feature: Add function to delete the air video thumbnail cache
    Feature: Add function to restore the main directory to default and clear the service directory
    Feature: Add logo and program name for windows volumecontrol (mixer)
    Feature: Check for existing pathes each start
    Feature: EPG Refresh now work with the epg refresh plugin from ritzMo
    Feature: Copy picon referece from contextmenu to clipboard
    Feature: Check for encrypted channel (Not for all channels the data set correct)
    Feature: Add russian language file to setup
    Critical Fix: Changes on the data now saved direct without save
    Fix: Change Air Video channel endocing to ASCII to solve the Problems with umlauts.(All umlauts removed)
    Fix: KingOfSat parsing now work with the new design
    Fix: Change default CoolTVGuide mini picon size to 50x28
    Fix: On load bouquetlist don't flicker anymore
    Fix: Save channel from channel > details now saved correct
    Fix: Download logo now don't crash anymore when channelname is empty
    Fix: Move bouquet channels now select the correct channel and dont show an error
    Fix: Air video export channel counting now ignores marker/alternatives
    Fix: Check unused picons now works with all directorys and don't remove options picons anymore
    Fix: Save as .bef file now saved in the correct format
    Fix: Parental control now work from the context menu
    Fix: Improve timeout for picon export
    Fix: Lyngsat Logo update works now correct
    Fix: Some language issues

    Import data from into an existing channel list
    Two lists together
    Comparing the two lists of (KingOfSat / Dreambox) and (Dreambox / Dreambox new) inkl.neuer channel display
    More Boxkontrolle (timer / device info / etc.)
    Streaming movies shot
    MultiEPG including timer creation
    More skins for streaming

    Thx to lokutus2000

    Bouquet Editor Suite v1.2 Setup

    Bouquet Editor Suite v1.2b

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    Bouquet Editor Suite v1.21

    Feature: Add current channel and close stream to mobile streaming interface
    Feature: Excel export (picon reference list, service details, bouquet details)
    Fix: Name picon export fix (several problems)
    Fix: Channelfilter deactivation now works correct (incl. export)
    Fix: Now i delete picons over telnet and not ftp anymore (solved delete problems with files with spaces)
    Fix: Settings could not be saved problem
    Fix: Settings Upgrade from older Versions
    Fix: Single picon upload works now correct
    Fix: Program dont't restart on options change (Sometimes it must!)
    Fix: King of Sat namespace creation
    Fix: Settings cleaner now compiled with .net 2.0
    Fix: Picon export date creation on other languages then german
    Fix: Small other fixes

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    Απ: PC-Tool Bouquet Editor Suite


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