Nemesis4.4_ Eyes_ knife and Imo CCcam_2.2.1

Earlier today, the image's Eyes Nemesis knife after the changes it to the glory hope you like it
Changes: :

- Changing the logo of the original
- Languages​​: English Arabic French

- Modification of the original knife Bskiyn
- Merge CCcam_2.2.1 from var
- Merge Mgcamd_1.35a from var
- Merge CCcam info from var
- Merge Blogin Ecminfotrack the status of the server
- Add Property Registration
- Add another file frequencies very modern and comprehensive satellite Literal
- Add other servers to download and is Aliimohat stoves
- Delete some Unnecessary files to keep the image

- Tgierallojohat and you can easily go to the path var/bin/images
- Delete the background that you want to change first, and then add the new

Place the background start operating on behalf of the logo logo
-Place the background radio logo on behalf of the radio
-Background Put logo on behalf of the scan
- Place the background logo on behalf of mp3 mp3
-Just send a subscription var/etc
- - This image can be passed by flachwizar or dreamup

Nemesis_4.4_skin eyes_CCcam_2.2.1_by Midar_sat

Nemesis_4.4_skin eyes_Mgcamd_1.35_by Midar_sat