Skins GlassLine_Swiss-MAD


here is a betaversion of the first adaptation of the Skin's GP3.
The crystal-line skin for GP3 has a new name (GlassLine_Swiss-MAD) while also addressing the directory name has changed.

So you should uninstall the old skin completely, otherwise the skinselector both versions are listed.
Uninstalling the best of the uninstall script / usr/uninstall/ because it is also no longer need service number renderer away (who is now in the GP3 present).
Subsequently, the same also the / usr/share/enigma2/Nemesis.GlassLine_Mod / delete because there is a PNG of it from the "patch"for the GP3.

Some features of the new images are already integrated. (See e.g. station list)
Adaptation to GP3 should be complete.

Some screens are of course subject to revision, and EMC will also come ..... is still only the Ver. 0.0.1!

Many thanks to Bin4ry for the preliminary work he has done!